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Season 7 was the sixth world of the Mindcrack Server. It began on 30 April 2019.

Beginning of the World[edit]

The sixth multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 30 April 2019, upon the release of Minecraft 1.14. Each player had their amount of deaths displayed in the tab list. The beginning of season 7 featured twenty-one people, with sixteen people streaming while AmethystRaindrop, VintageBeef, Drew, Guude, and JSano19 either recorded videos or just played on the server off camera. Phedran and Drew joined the Mindcrack server as VIP Guests for the first time during the first day. Initially the players were limited to three main islands until 1.14.1 would come out with bug fixes.




As most participants streamed the first day on Twitch, only a limited number of videos are available.


Season 7 began with 24 Mindcrack members, and 8 active VIP Guests. A number of new guests joined in the first few weeks on the server: unrulybabs joined as a VIP Guest on 1 May 2019, Chiblee, jaaski, and Mookake joined as guests on 2 May, Cheeetozz joined as a guest on 7 May, and HCJustin joined as a guest on 17 May. DahlDantill later joined as a guest on 28 August 2019, and Soccermvp13 joined as a guest on 22 September 2019.

The server had an active playerbase from April 30th until October 2019, with most remaining players switching to the new season of Crackpack in November and not returning again. The server continued to have limited play until the season's end, consisting mostly of videos from Guude and JSano19 and occasional streams from others.


The world spawn was located next to a village which became used for early protection and supplies on the server. The majority of the villagers in the spawn village died in the first couple days, but over the next few days more houses were constructed and enough zombie villagers were converted to start breeding and the population expanded. Breon and Ryuski started working on a wall around the village in the first week, which was completed on 26 May. An area to the West of the wall started being used for shops in early June. In mid-July Ryuski started planning a complete redesign of the spawn village with buildings planned for each villager occupation but never started work on it. After DahlDantill joined in August 2019 he started making a dock in the ocean East of the village with Viking boats and a large pirate ship.

At the start of the season, exploration of the server was limited to just the main three islands and surrounding smaller islands until 1.14.1 would release with bug fixes.[1] The server updated to 1.14.1 on 13 May 2019 and with the server free to explore, a number of players moved to new bases away from the main islands.

An overviewer map of the server was set up by Mhykol at on 15 May 2019, which updated daily with overworld, Nether, and End maps.[2] Markers for bases and landmarks were added on 3 June 2019, with any new locations being updated daily.[3]

In late May 2019 Ryuski started working on a nether hub at a height of 100, with four main tunnels going in cardinal directions to which various portal tunnels were connected to. In late June it was decided that the hub should be moved to a height of 115, and all the existing tunnels and portals were directly copied to the new height with a new hub being built. The old tunnels and hub were left abandoned at the lower height with the portals and most decorative blocks stripped away. In August 2019 Phedran covered a large area of the nether in slabs and built a highly efficient nether mob farm.

On 31 May 2019 Mookake discovered the first End portal and filled all but one of the frames with Eyes of Ender. The Slaying of the Ender Dragon occurred as a group of 14 participants on 18 June 2019. During exploration of the End islands following the death of the dragon, Pakratt0013 fell into the void with the dragon egg losing it forever. An enderman farm was built in the End on 20 June 2019 by AmethystRaindrop and Phedran.

DireDwarf found a woodland mansion 6,000 blocks to the North on 15 May 2019 which almost completely burned down, then found a mesa biome near it which became the main site for gathering terracotta on the server. A mooshroom island was found 7,000 blocks to the North by PauseUnpause and Chiblee on 20 May 2019. A pillager outpost farm was started by Breon on 18 May 2019 and later started being made into a raid arena with the help of ConeDodger240 in early June. A witch farm was started by Breon nearby on 31 May 2019. An island for Guudeland was picked out in early July.

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