Season 8

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Season 8 is the seventh and current multiplayer world of the Mindcrack Server. It began on 27 June 2020.


During S2E12 of the Mindcrack Podcast, a Patreon goal of $5,000 per month was announced that would unlock access to the Mindcrack server for Patreon supporters at the $25 per month tier. With the goal, there would be a new season with plugins preventing Patrons from interacting with the world inside an undetermined radius.[1] On 25 June 2020, the launch date of 27 June 2020 was announced on the Mindcrack Twitter.<MindcrackLP (25 June 2020). Twitter. <>.</ref>

Beginning of the World[edit]

The seventh multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 27 June 2020, shortly after the release of Minecraft 1.16. Each player had their amount of deaths displayed in the tab list. The beginning of season 8 featured Twenty people, with Seventeen people streaming while AmethystRaindrop, Cheeetozz, and DahlDantill either just recorded videos or played on the server off camera.




Season 8 began with 24 Mindcrack members, and a number of active VIP Guests.


The world spawn was inside a village, however all the villagers were dead before the start of the season. There was a world border set to a radius of 20,000 blocks, and a Mindcrack Build Zone where Patrons couldn't interact with a radius of 1,500 blocks.

Version History[edit]


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