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The Minecraft avatar of sevenlexcore

sevenlexcore in real life
Gender M
Other names Sevenle

sevenlexcore, also known as Sevenle or Kyle as his personal name, is a Let's Play commentator and a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on March 2013 after EpicStatius gave up his slot.[1]

Let's Play[edit]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Sevenle lived in the "anarchist-themed" town in the most recent map.[1]

Video Notable events Featuring
26 Mar 2013 "Sevenle Plays - Mindcrack Fan Server S1 : E1 I Have Arrived!"
  • Explores spawn, his plot, the towns - anarchist, medieval, western
  • Talk on PAX
10 Apr 2013 "Sevenle Plays - Mindcrack Fan Server S1 : E2 The Rebel Alliance?(WTF AM I DOING?)"
  • Progress on plot, future plans on it
  • Caving
  • Talk on lack of time, Awesomenauts, Minecraft demographics

Minecraft skin[edit]

Sevenlexcore's skin

External links[edit]

"SevenleXCore Plays", Sevenle's YouTube channel


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