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Sheryl the donation canon

Sheryl the Destroyer was the name of a donation cannon built by Pakratt0013 at Guudeland. The name of the cannon came from an IRC chat.[1] The cannon was built to give recognition to donors.[2] Donors can choose which mob to fire from the cannon. A railway was built to load mobs into the cannon. For every 25 cents donated, Pakratt loaded an additional TNT into the cannon.[3] Sheryl had to have been reset after each use.


Sheryl in the reset position

All the ground pistons must be moved to the back, as seen in the image to the right. To load the TNT, TNT must be placed on the vertical walls of pistons. Misplacing a TNT on a Switch will activate the TNT and damage the cannon. A mob can be loaded into a Minecart and pushed along the rail to position it to be fired. Sheryl from the latest world patch download is missing some Switches. TNT must not be placed at positions where there are missing Switches. Turning on the Switch on the Cobblestone walkway will activate the cannon and fire the load. The Switch must then be turned off to reset the canon.


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