ShreeyamGFX's suspension bridge

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The suspension bridge on the Season 2 MindCrack vanilla server was built by ShreeyamGFX and was his first major build after the construction of his house. The suspension bridge and Shree's home are built close to thejims' castle, both of which are accessible by the portal through Guude's house. Because Shree's house was in a mostly oceanic area speckled by islands, his intent in building the bridge was to connect his home island to thejims' castle so he would not have to swim to reach home. Shree announced his intent to build the bridge on an episode he released on 2 June 2011.[1] By 9 June Shree had completed the bridge's landing on the home island side.[2] Shree completed the deck and the home-side tower of the bridge by 17 July[3] and had completed the second tower, both landings, and one of the suspension cables on the last episode he posted during his time on the Season 2 server.[4] He did not complete the suspension bridge by the time Guude reset the server.


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