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This is a list of ShreeyamGFX's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by ShreeyamGFX on the MindCrack server.

Season 2[edit]

This season takes place prior to the Beta 1.8 update. The playlist for this season is "Minecraft LP (Series 2)".

Video Notable events Featuring
10 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 1 - A new beginning"
  • First video
11 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 2 - What a nice island"
  • Discovering an island and getting started
  • Showcasing his progress off the MindCrack server on replicating the song Still Alive in-game
12 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 3 - A stroll through the hills"
  • Going through Guude's base to get back to his (Shreeyam's) island
  • Making his first bed
  • Caving
  • Showcasing a self-made texture pack and asking if viewers want to see him use it
13 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 4 - Shree has girl trouble"
  • Discussing problems at school with a girl he likes
  • Working on the rough outline of a house
15 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 5 - Trees and redstone"
  • Plays dubstep music created by a real-life friend of his
  • Working on a tree farm nearby his home
  • Working on his house, including adding doors and elements of the roof
16 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 6 - The House"
  • Talking about unpleasant experiences while caving and showing his haul
  • Working on his house and adding a front porch and roof
17 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 7 - In search of sandstone"
  • Exploring VintageBeef's and stennett's houses
  • Talking about wanting to make an automated dock
  • Exploring a desert in pursuit of sandstone
22 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 8 - Underfloor lighting"
  • Adding torches below glass flooring inside his house as a lighting method
  • Adding a wooden floor with sandstone highlights inside his house
30 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 9 - Faildock"
  • Showing a small mushroom farm he added to his house off-camera
  • Attempting to make an automated dock, but not understanding what keeps breaking his boats
31 May 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 10 - Storage room"
  • Excavating the house's basement and adding a storage room
  • Dealing with several accidental floodings
1 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 11 - To hell or bust"
  • Traveling to the Nether via thejims' base to harvest glowstone
  • Returning and deciding to build his own portal before embarking
  • Misplacing his only obsidian blocks and returning to the Nether via thejims' portal
  • Falling to his death while collecting ceiling glowstone
2 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 12 - Loadouts"
  • Showing his finished storage room, newly furnished with glowstone
  • Adding a loadout dispensary to quickly give him basic tools and food
  • Talking about building a suspension bridge from his island to another
9 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 13 - Unlucky number"
  • Showing progress made on the suspension bridge
  • Talking about how his parents may take away his computer
  • Continuing work on the suspension bridge; dying of fall damage repeatedly while building the first tower and making corpse runs
9 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 14 - Unexpected episode"
  • Reacting to VintageBeef's water curtain prank
14 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 15 - Initiate Hyperspeed!"
  • Explaining the slowdown in video production as a result of exams
  • Speed build of the suspension bridge to music made by a real-life friend
22 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 16 - As per Guude's request"
  • Going caving because of a suggestion made by Guude in the last episode
30 Jun 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 17 - Jungle Prank - Behind the scenes"
  • Turning Beef's manor into a jungle by adding water and plants
1 Jul 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 18 - Beef be griefing"
  • Discovering a prank by VintageBeef, who covered one of his doors and all of his chests with obsidian
3 Jul 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 19 - Combination lock"
  • Creating a combination lock to prevent unwanted people from entering his house
13 Jul 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 20 - Shree is ill"
  • Continuing work on the bridge
17 Jul 2011 "Minecraft LP Ep S2 21 - Bridge pillars"
  • Showing that the bridge's towers and deck have been completed
  • Tweaking aspects of the bridge deck at each terminus
24 Jul 2011 "Minecraft LP S2 Ep 22 - Order sensitivity"
  • Starting to make the lock's levers order-sensitive
  • Displaying the completed plan for the order-sensitive lock on a single-player world
3 Aug 2011 "Let's Play Minecraft S3E24 - Dirhombicosidodecahedron"
  • Showing progress on the bridge, including a suspension cable
  • Using fences to add suspenders linking the bridge deck to the already-completed suspension cable

Season 3[edit]

This season takes place on a new world starting in Beta 1.8. The playlist for this season is "Minecraft LP (Series 3)".

Video Notable events Featuring
18 Oct 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E1 - Building a foundation"
  • Flattening out his plot and beginning to build his house in the village
  • Discussing episode format and 1.8 changes
28 Oct 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E2 - Moving out"
  • Finding a spot underwater to build his home
  • Caving for resources
31 Oct 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E3 - Home improvement"
  • Gathering resources and getting lost
3 Nov 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E4 - House update"
  • A tour of the progress on his underwater home
  • Exploring the area around his house
28 Nov 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E5 - Resource Gathering Part 1"
  • Touring changes to his base
  • Caving for resources
1 Dec 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E6 - Strategic Caving"
  • Caving for resources
5 Dec 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E7 - Resource gathering (Part 3)"
  • Caving for resources
8 Dec 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E8 - XP Grinder Part 1"
  • Starting to make a zombie XP farm
13 Dec 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E9 - XP Grinder Part 2"
  • Continuing to make a zombie XP farm
31 Dec 2011 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E10 - XP Grinder Part 3"
  • Finishing making a zombie XP farm
15 Jan 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E11 - Chicken and Nether"
  • Enchanting, mentioning his Christmas gift
  • Explanation of how the updated mob grinder works
  • Making a nether portal and going to Arkas' mothership
22 Jan 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E12 - In Search of Coal (Part 1)"
  • Exploring caves looking for resources
29 Jan 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E13 - In search of Coal Part 2"
  • Exploring caves looking for resources
6 Feb 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E14 - In search of Coal Part 3"
  • Exploring caves looking for resources
19 Feb 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E15 - Recording Failures"
  • Making a slime farm
3 Apr 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E16 - Water buckets are awesome"
  • Exploring a ravine
  • Investigating the land near his base
17 Apr 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E17 - Chicken meat"
  • Making a chicken cooker
21 Apr 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E18 - Chicken Experimentation"
  • Modifying the design for the chicken cooker
  • Discussing the use of the slime farm
30 Apr 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E19 - Lobby Aesthetics"
  • redecorating the lobby and adding an infinite spring
2 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E20 - The Dock"
  • Building a boat dock
6 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E21 - Design Philosophy"
  • Discussing computer specs and his opinions on Minecraft's development
  • Adding levels to his base
  • Heading to mcgamer's underwater palace
9 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E22 - Mining Room"
  • Looking at the state of mcgamer's underwater palace
  • Looking at the design of his nether tunnel
  • Building his mining room
14 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E23 - Map Room"
  • Decorating the floor into a map of the area around his house
21 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E24 - Crisps"
  • Revealing a redstone lamp 7 segment display
  • Starting to build the graphics driver for the display
24 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E25 - 7 segments"
  • Continuing to build the graphics driver for the 7 segment display
29 May 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E26 - History"
  • Continuing to build the graphics driver for the 7 segment display
  • Discussing the history of people on the server
2 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E27 - One does not simply take my diamonds"
  • Hiding BdoubleO's records
6 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E28 - Slime Modification"
  • Leaving signs for Zisteau to find the slime farm
  • Working on the slime farm
11 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E29 - 2nd Base"
  • Continuing to work on the slime farm
  • Working on the 7 segment display
16 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E30 - Nice Redstone"
  • Cleaning up the prank left by Nebris and mcgamer
  • Working on enlarging his slime farm
25 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E31 - Reinvention"
  • Explaining the slime farm
  • Clearing out his wheat farm to make a lock mechanism
29 Jun 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E32 - Lockwork"
  • Setting up minecarts to reset the lock
  • Explaining how the lock will work
9 Jul 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E33 - Project updates"
  • Looking at the slime farm
  • Explaining the lock mechanisms
11 Jul 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E34 - Bedroom"
  • Looking at the progress on the slime farm
  • Making a bedroom
16 Jul 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E35 - Diamonds out of nowhere"
  • Working on the slime farm
1 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E36 - New computer"
  • Talking about his new computer
  • Working on the slime farm
6 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E37 - Grinding woes"
  • Working on the slime farm
  • Adding boat and mine cart dispensers
8 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E38 - Answering questions"
  • Discussing sound lag as a factor in server latency
  • Talking about why he isn't in UHC, mineZ and his age
  • Working on his slime farm
13 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E39 - Designing the farm"
  • Checking if the chicken farm still works
  • Discussing how coco bean farms could be designed in creative (not on the MindCrack server)
  • Working on redstone for a piston based logoutivator
16 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E40 - Montage"
  • Filling new rooms with gravel to get rid of the water and adding a roof
  • Discussing his audio problem and thanking donators
  • Talking about Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program development
  • Discussing India entering the space race and his belief about competition
20 Aug 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E41 - Let's Player's Syndrome"
  • Working on his tree farm and room underneath
3 Sep 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E42 - Boring"
  • Building a spiral staircase up to first floor of the tree farm
10 Sep 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E43 - Dock of Donators"
  • Building a dock recognizing people who have donated
  • Visiting the remains of Pause's igloo
17 Sep 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E44 - Water drop"
  • Making a water drop from the top of his base
  • Adding more donators to his boat dock
24 Sep 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E45 - Mining expedition"
  • Caving and searching for coal
  • Discussing moving to the snapshot
27 Sep 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E46 - Flooring"
  • Working on flooring in his base
7 Oct 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E47 - Bugged Fall Damage"
  • Talking about the oral assessments and games he's looking forward to and enjoy's playing
  • Working on his tree farm
11 Oct 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E48 - Control Room"
  • Setting up a room to control his farms
17 Oct 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E49 - Wheat Pistons"
  • Talking about his recent livestream
  • Working with pistons below his tree farm
24 Oct 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E50 - Farm Controls"
  • Working on the redstone controlling the pistons in his farm
29 Oct 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E51 - Engineering Flaw"
  • Making corrections to the farm mechanics
  • Tilling land and planting wheat
  • Talking about his new monitor
2 Nov 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E52- Latches & Flip Flops"
  • Working on the redstone that will control the farm
5 Nov 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E53 - Soil Frustration"
  • Working on the farm and transportation system
11 Nov 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E54 - RV Clue"
  • Honoring donators
  • Finding a missing RV clue
  • Starting to work on an elevator and showing an example in a creative world
20 Nov 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E55 - Piston Lift"
  • Working on making a piston elevator at his base
26 Nov 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E56 - London Meetup"
  • Removing the spiral staircase and enlarging his base
  • Discussing his ethnicity and the London meetup
3 Dec 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E57 - Industrial Rail"
  • Starting to construct a train station
8 Dec 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E58 - Lisptacular!"
  • Talking about his braces
  • Caving
10 Dec 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E59 - Furnace Flooring"
  • Working on his rail station for his house
11 Dec 2012 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E60 - Tunnel Boring"
  • Working on a rail tunnel
21 May 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E61 - We're Back!"
  • Working on his carrot farms
  • Talking about his plan to get a heart rate monitor
  • Searching for carrots
27 May 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E62 - Cows"
  • Harvesting his farm
  • Searching cows and building a small shack
31 May 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E63 - BPM"
  • Testing his new heart rate monitor
  • Working on details around his base
11 Jun 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E64 - Reckless"
19 Jun 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S3E65 - Recapping"
  • Showing changes he's made to his base
  • Touring areas near his base
  • Honoring more donators at the dock

Season 4[edit]

This season takes place on a new world starting in Minecraft 1.6.

Video Notable events Featuring
1 Jul 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E1: Generic First Night" See Beginning of Season 4
3 Jul 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E2: Mellow"
  • Exploring and working on his base
  • Talking about his plans and
8 Jul 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E3: Deathstreak!"
  • Dying multiple times by accident
  • Discussing microphones, his deaths
  • Working on expanding the area near his skeleton spawner
10 Jul 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E4: New Microphone"
  • Talking about his new microphone
  • Working on his skeleton spawner
  • Exploring
  • Caving
20 Jul 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E5 - Bubble house"
  • Escaping from a cave
  • Gathering resources
  • Talking about UHC mode, his job, and the heat
  • Showing the beginnings of his house
13 Aug 2013 "Shree Plays Mindcrack S4E6: Birthday video"
  • Talking about Team Fortress 2 & Blacklight: Retribution
  • Borrowing and returning BdoubleO's pickaxe
  • Completing the glasshouse
23 Apr 2014 "Mindcrack: UHC Statue Construction"
  • Helping Guude build the Shree UHC statue
  • Discussing how he joined the server