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This is a list of Mindcrack Marathon Live Segments, the non-video game segments that the Mindcrack Members participate in during the Mindcrack Marathons.

Battleship Twister[edit]

See Battleship Twister.

Blindfolded LEGO Building[edit]

See Blindfolded LEGO Building.

Board/Card Games[edit]

Poker and SUPERFIGHT are the two most common Board/Card games that appear, making up segments in multiple marathons. In addition to those, there are also a variety of other tabletop games that appear.

Music Mix-Off[edit]

Music Mix-Off is a song-creating segment that first appeared at the 2017 Mindcrack Marathon. During the 2017 marathon, ApproachingNirvana, BigGiantCircles, and C418 attempted to create a song in a 1 hour period of time from scratch based on one of three songs that viewers picked.


Event Participants Archived stream
2017 Mindcrack Marathon ApproachingNirvana, BigGiantCircles, C418


Chefs cooking during round 1 of Sliced at the 2017 Mindcrack Marathon.

SL/CED, or Sliced, is a cooking based competition that first appeared at the 2016 Mindcrack Marathon.
At the 2016 Marathon, four competitors cooked meals that were required to use special ingredients voted on by donations, and their food was then served to three judges. The judges determined whose meals were the best and "sliced" the chef with the worst meal out of the competition. There were three rounds with different requirements: Appetizer, Entrée, and Dessert.

For the 2017 Mindcrack Marathon, due to the popularity of the segment at the previous marathon, the activity became one of the major segments at the marathon and several rules were changed. The event was lengthened to four rounds of 45 minutes, each having a different theme affecting the auctions and ingredients, and it was split up into two different time slots during the marathon. Instead of having the same three judges for all rounds, the third judge was changed every round, and the judges awarded points in three categories instead of removing chefs from the competition. The winner of the event was the chef who had earned the most points at the end of the competition.
The donation incentives were significantly changed: During the competition, auctions were held that offered negative effects that, depending on what was offered, either was applied to every chef except the winner, or to a single chef of the winner's choice. The currency used for the auction was poker chips that were payed for by donors.

The event at the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon remained mostly the same as the previous marathon, with the exception of certain rounds being longer and other small changes.

The 2019 Mindcrack Marathon segments was similar to previous marathons but featured four additional chefs, referred to as "comic relief chefs" or "sous-chefs". In the first two rounds these chefs would takeover for the main chefs if viewers donated towards certain incentives, with the main chefs having no communication with them. In later rounds this was changed to be either swapped out for main chefs but allowing gestures and pre-swap discussions, or having the sous-chef become the arms for the main chef, with the swaps happening at reaching certain donation amounts and the swap type depending on what viewers voted for.


Event Chefs Judges Archived stream
2016 Mindcrack Marathon Chef Andy, Docm77, Guude, Millbee JSano19, Mhykol, OMGchad
2017 Mindcrack Marathon AnderZEL, Chef Andy, Docm77, Guude HCJustin(Round 3), JSano19, Mhykol, pakratt0013(Round 4), SethBling(Round 1), VintageBeef(Round 2)
2018 Mindcrack Marathon Arkas, Breon, Guude, Necomi Darkosto, Mhykol, JSano19(round 1), AntVenom(round 2), Devon(round 3), Aureylian(round 4)
2019 Mindcrack Marathon Breon with JSano19, Guude with Arkas, HCJustin with unrulybabs, Necomi with Coestar Mhykol, Chef Andy(rounds 1 & 2), OnlyBentley(rounds 1 & 2), Pakratt0013(rounds 3 & 4), SethBling(rounds 3 & 4)

The Great SL/CED Bake Off[edit]

The Great SL/CED Bake Off is a baking based competition with similar elements to SL/CED that first appeared at the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon. During the segment, two teams of two competitors attempt to use an Easy-Bake Oven to cook a dish that gets served to a panel of three judges. For the 2018 segment the judges determined which dish is better in taste and presentation, and after two rounds declares the team that performed better the winner. The 2019 segment used an identical points format to SL/CED. Like SL/CED, each round has required ingredients that are required to be used in the dish. During the segment at the 2018 marathon, all four chefs from the SL/CED segment participated in the event with Arkas, Breon, and Necomi being judges and Guude being the host.
The donation incentives for the segment are identical to those of SL/CED, where donors payed for poker chips for the two teams that work as currency for auctions. Auctions are held throughout the rounds offering negative effects, and the winner of an auction is then able to apply the negative effect against the other team.

Event Chefs Judges Archived stream
2018 Mindcrack Marathon HonneyPlay, Pakratt0013 Vs. Aureylian, OMGchad Arkas, Breon, Necomi
2019 Mindcrack Marathon Arkas, Pyrao Vs. SethBling, Sevadus Aureylian, HonneyPlay, unrulybabs

Who Wore It Better?[edit]

Participants line up during Who Wore It Better 2017.

Who Wore It Better is a mock fashion show featuring Mindcrackers in dresses that first appeared at the 2015 Mindcrack Marathon. During the segment, Mindcrackers wearing dresses line up one by one, each one showing off their clothing and getting a short interview. During some marathons, donors get to vote on which person wore their dress better through a bid war. The 2019 segment featured Halloween costumes instead of the normal dresses.


Event Participants Archived stream
2015 Mindcrack Marathon Guude, Jsano19, Mhykol, OMGchad, Pyrao, W92Baj
2016 Mindcrack Marathon Guude, JSano19, Mhykol, Millbee, Pyrao, W92Baj
2017 Mindcrack Marathon Chef Andy, C418, Drew, Guude, Iskall85, JSano19, Mhykol (1h28m43s)
2018 Mindcrack Marathon Aureylian(interviews), Darkosto, Guude(interviews), JSano19, OMGchad, W92Baj
2019 Mindcrack Marathon ConeDodger240, Guude, JSano19, Necomi, OMGchad(interviews), OnlyBentley, Pyrao, Soccermvp13, unrulybabs, W92Baj