Snow Golems

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Snow Golems are utility mobs that can be created by players using two Snow Blocks and a Pumpkin. They cannot be controlled and must be boxed in if one wants to keep a Snow Golem alive.

Name Owner Created Status Brief description
Reginald/Reggie RainbowCrisp unknown Persistent All Snow Golems are Reggies.[1]
Replacement Spencer TheJordanBrooks 23 Aug 2012 Deceased Jordan felt that Spencer (thegardnerd) left him for Cobra (arrowhoodcobra), so he built a Snow Golem to be his new best friend.[2]
Renaldo Gonzales arrowhoodcobra 18 Sep 2012 Deceased Looks over the registration house at Cobra's Home for Wayward Sheepies.[3]


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