Subway system

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An image of the abandoned subway system in 1 June 2012.

A subway system existed beneath the spawn village on the Season 3 MindCrack vanilla server. It was built by Arkas[1] as an underground rail line that would connect all the different plots built at the spawn village.[2] The subway system fell out of use and was later rediscovered in various occasions by VintageBeef and Pakratt0013,[2] Etho,[3] and W92Baj.[4] Etho hypothesized that a number of dead ends in the subway line were intended to branch out to various locations but was abandoned before any headway could be made.[3] Etho and thejims jointly discovered a branch mine attached to a clearing connected to portions of the subway line.[1]

The rail line crosses through a giant room under adlingtont's plot pocketed by extremely deep holes.[3] The area was prominently used in the second Vanilla Wars. The subway system connected the village to the public mines and to Arkas' Mothership and village.


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