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The Swampple™ shop was a store on the MindCrack Vanilla Season 4 world nearby spawn that is run by the B-Team's generikb. The shop sells "Swampples™", which are apples that can be traded for a single gold. The shop proved especially useful in the period of the server before the creation of the beacon in front of the town hall; the need for regenerative items such as golden apples is necessitated because the server was started on UHC mode, which terminates automatic regeneration. BKGaming7000 sent the payment design to generikb in the form of video response; the design was then compacted to fit the store's size needs. The structure itself is designed to bear the appearance of a shack built into a swamp tree with a wormy apple sitting atop the shack's roof. The store "clerk" is an apple-bearing gold-clad zombie named Alcatraz[1] who has, on occasion, jumped over the counter and caused damage to customers attempting to purchase apples.[2]

Since, generikb's Cat Fancy Home Delivery Service started, Guude and the organization, P.I.T.A. have taken over the Swampple shop to now make it the "Offical P.I.T.A. Office."


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