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I've been working on this video page for quite a while and even now: I am a bit confused as to what really counts as "featuring" in a video. Obviously: the two main ways of being "featured" are to either be seen in-game or heard through Skype. But what about nametags? I believe in one of MC's FTB videos, PauseUnpause's nametag is seen in the video, MC makes note of him, but he is not physically seen at any point in the video. A thing that we have ruled-out are chat messages, but what about Twitch chats? In a recent Mindcrack@Dusk; MC had a brief conversation with Sixelona as she was in his Twitch chat shown on screen. Especially since they were talking about making a poster and such, should she be in the "featuring" tab? Finally, in the first batch of Mindcrack at Dusk videos on the previous season, MC's intro showed both DarkPhan and RainbowCrisp. Since they were both technically seen in each video, I listed them both as being "featured." In closing, I think we need to set some guidelines stating the criteria necessary to become "featured" in a video.

I agree it would be good to outline when someone is considered as featured, and when they are not, particularly the split second instances. I think appearances should be video specific (so appearances in a reused intro clip would not classify as "featured"). Perhaps we can set a time limit for other appearances? Something along the lines of "A featured person must be interacted with directly or be in the video for longer than a minute." In that way a 30 sec trade with another member would be listed, but a brief appearance of a nametag, or someone dashing across the screen would not be. I think that exceptions could be made if the person is briefly doing something noteworthy (chasing someone/thing, dying, etc.) or is otherwise the sort of thing viewers might try to find later. Personally I think that people in the featured column should only be those who could join the server/game, so in a MindCrack (vanilla server) Skype/Twitch chats with former fan server members should just be listed in the events column if they are notable. It would be interesting to see what other people think. Increasing the requirements for being in the "featured" column could make a query for videos in which someone appears more useful. --Atharsea (talk) 07:30, 9 October 2013 (CEST)
I like that outline. That can be placed in the help pages if you like.--Admin 06:53, 13 October 2013 (CEST)