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I was disappointed to hear that this Wiki limits MindCrack to mean "...materials directly from or for the MindCrack server, the fan server, or the now-defunct public server..." I disagree that this wiki shouldn't have pages dedicated to other games and long running Let's Plays that involve MindCrack members. As was mentioned on the first podcast, MindCrack is more than just Minecraft.

Many people have been introduced to the MindCrack server through members non-MineCrack content, or search for older content after being introduced to MindCrack. Various events, phrases, and traits carry over from LP's not from the MindCrack server, and this Wiki would be helpful to keep everything "MindCrack" in one place. I feel that limiting information not directly related to the MindCrack Server to the members own page makes pages like Kurt's feel cluttered and doesn't allow for enough detail to be helpful.

I would like to see this site expanded to include pages for long running LP's including FLoB, Building with Bdouble O, Etho's single player LP and Doc's World Tour. I also think that there should categories/pages that allow for non-Minecraft content to be added. I was thinking that there could be general pages for each game (Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program, etc.) which could have a table with the videos from each MindCrack member who has played/is playing the game. Super Hostile maps could be done in a similar fashion. Longer play-throughs that warrant their own page could be linked to from that central game/map page.

I hope this is a change that will be seriously considered. Atharsea 05:45, 30 August 2012 (CEST)

"For the sake of simplicity." You've basically echoed the official stance from Guude but, if a line is not drawn somewhere, it may make content unnecessarily difficult to manage with only thee active contributors here. An example of a series that are not directly related to the server itself that is acceptable on this site would be OOG since it involves multiple members from the server. Cobblehaters would be another series that I would accept. I also accept non-Minecraft series like Orcs Must Die with Doc and GennyB. But single-player playthroughs like FLoB, KSP, and Building with BdoubleO, etc., are really stretching what I wanted here because they only involve one person playing by themselves, not as a group. With Guude alone having 1340 videos, it's already too much to include everyone on the main server and fan server. We are still way behind in documenting videos from the main server. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. If more people are willing to contribute, then I will consider expanding the criteria of what's acceptable. I will update the criteria of what's acceptable now.--Admin 06:16, 30 August 2012 (CEST)
Yes, I have echoed the official stance because that is the definition of MindCrack. The MindCrack episodes are important, and it would be great if they were up-to-date for everyone. With few contributors I can understand why you might feel it would make sense to limit what is on this site, but I certainty didn't plan to put up pages devoid of content. I disagree that single/multi player is a defining characteristic, because the majority of LP's from the server involve one person working on their own build. At the very least both the MindCrack page and the acceptable criteria need to reflect the official opinion, even if you don't choose to allow everything to be added to the Wiki at this time. --Atharsea 07:23, 31 August 2012 (CEST)
The one I found from the podcast implies collaborative work: "The MindCrack brand was created to bring people together to play games, not always Minecraft." It would be great if you can find a better quote from Guude.--Admin 08:02, 31 August 2012 (CEST)
My understanding comes from Beef during the podcast "MindCrack is just a group of people" I see it as about the people, not what game they are playing, or who hey are playing with. I know the subject has been discussed in other places, so I will continue to look for a better quote. Atharsea 23:48, 1 September 2012 (CEST)

MindCrack vs MindCrack Server[edit]

A lot of places on this wiki that reference MindCrack use it to define MindCrack, the vanilla server. Other places use it to mean MindCrack, a group of people that do a variety of collaborations. I'd like to separate it into two different pages, one for the vanilla server, and one for the network. I'd prefer to have "MindCrack" refer to the vanilla server and "MindCrack Network" to refer to the group, or have "MindCrack" become a disambiguation page, and have "MindCrack Network" and "MindCrack Server". Any thoughts on the change? -- Atharsea (talk) 06:04, 3 June 2013 (CEST)

"MindCrack Network", "MindCrack" for short, should refer to the network and the entire community, and the server should be referred to as the "MindCrack Server". So assume "MindCrack" without "Server" is the network in general. It's mainly why I describe Fan Server videos as MindCrack videos.--Admin 18:38, 3 June 2013 (CEST)
I know that "MindCrack" encompasses both the main server and the fan server. What I am talking about is differentiating linking on the wiki between which definition of MindCrack is intended: The network that encompasses both the main server and the fan server, the people who play on the main server, and the vanilla server. This page needs to be expanded and/or others created to define the difference. I'll do it, but I want to know what method of changes is the way to go. For example, members of the main group are identified by the property "Server is::MindCrack", meaning the original subset of the MindCrack Network. Lower on their page their LP on the vanilla server is also identified as being "MindCrack", meaning a specific server restricted to the members of the main MindCrack group. Essentially, there is a hierarchy (MindCrack Network--> MindCrack/MindCrack Fan Server -->MindCrack Vanilla Server) which needs to be clarified. --Atharsea (talk) 20:42, 3 June 2013 (CEST)
Are those who play on the "main server" not the same as those who play on the "vanilla server"? The vanilla server should be on par with the Fan Server. I'm not exactly sure what you mean but the page can always be improved and expanded upon. A MindCrack Server page can be created for information specific to the vanilla server, while MindCrack would have a general summary on the vanilla, Fan, and FTB servers.--Admin 20:03, 5 June 2013 (CEST)