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Team Adorabolical is a duo comprised of Aureylian and Vechs. The team was formed in June 2014 for their Let's Play series of Vechs' map Sunburn Islands. The team name comes from a combination of the words "Adorable" describing Aureylian, and "Diabolical" describing Vechs.


Sunburn Islands[edit]

Thumbnail for Sunburn Islands videos, created by DazeDawning


Aureylian's playlist Vechs' playlist
Aureylian Vechs

Episodes of Sunburn Islands were recorded during a livestream on Aureylian's Twitch channel and were released on YouTube typically every two days. The game was played with the Absorption effect regenerating every twenty seconds as "sunscreen," while natural health regeneration and friendly fire were turned off. The game difficulty was set to Normal.

Perspectives Notable events
7 Jun 2014
  • Going over new rules
  • Dividing starting loot
  • Fighting their first mobs
9 Jun 2014
  • Taking on Dungeon #3: Deep Trouble
  • Obtaining the Magenta wool
11 Jun 2014
  • Finding the Victory Monument
  • Sorting their loot
  • Taking on Dungeon #1: Easy Newbie Dungeon
  • Obtaining the White wool
13 Jun 2014
  • Taking on Dungeon #2: Haunted Mines
  • Aureylian's first death
  • Obtaining the Orange wool
14 Jun 2014
  • Working in their base
  • Farming
16 Jun 2014
  • Taking on Dungeon #6: Mist could pass.
  • Obtaining the Lime wool
18 Jun 2014
  • Taking on Dungeon #7: Those in Glass Houses
  • Obtaining the Pink wool
  • Farming
  • End of first recording session

Other Videos[edit]

Team Adorabolical tend to make one-off videos playing on the MindCrack Server or other mini-game servers.

Perspectives Notable events
24 May 2014
  • Touring Vechs' base
  • Talking about fanfiction
25 May 2014
  • Continuing the tour
  • Working on Aureylian's base
10 Jul 2014
  • Showing Vechs the rec room and secret lair she built for him
24 Jul 2014
  • Touring the server
26 Jul 2014
  • Talking about a shop idea
28 Aug 2014
27 Oct 2014
  • Vechs cheats the first two rounds
17 Nov 2014
  • Playing "Sneaky Assassins" and "Sheep Quest" on the Mineplex server
30 Nov 2014
  • Building a viking ship in Lake Zel.
  • Bonus footage from Vechs
2 Dec 2014
  • Playing a Christmas advent calender map
7 Mar 2015
  • Working on the Things That Have Died shop
  • The Dress
  • Bathroom conversations