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Team America was organized by Zisteau to exact payback on Team Canada. A "Team USA" was first suggested by Pakratt0013 during his Noisemaker prank on Team Canada, but he had no assistance at the time. The desire to create Team America was spawned from the actions of Team Canada and has been suggested occasionally before,[1] but the team was initially loose and unorganized.[2]


Confirmed members who have participated in pranks include: AvidyaZEN, BdoubleO100, BlameTC, SuperMCGamer, Zisteau. Every MindCrack member in the United States is an implied member. "We have operatives all around the country, with varying skills and specialties. It's like the A-Team."[3]

Team America Pranks[edit]

Team America pranks may be done by one or more members, but are always stated to be from the team at the time of the prank.

As the perpetrator[edit]

DateDescriptionParticipating Members and execution videosVictim(s) and reaction video(s)
2012-10-16 Beef's castle, Etho's underground jungle base, and Pause's tree, covered with American flags, symbols, and a Nether theme
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 55: American Pranksters"
  • PauseUnpause: "Minecraft Mindcrack - Episode 173 - Amuurica"
  • VintageBeef: "Mindcrack Prank Wars - EP21 - A National Incident!"
  • 2012-10-30 Pause's zombie fortress transformed into a monster
  • AvidyaZEN: "AvidyaZEN MindCrack SMP - Prank Wars 02 - Minecraft Gameplay"
  • Zisteau: "Mindcrack Number 79 - 'Pigzilla - Pranking Pause' (Z596)"
  • PauseUnpause: "Episode 176 - Happy Halloween"
  • 2012-12-16 Zisteau modified Etho's Nether rail to drop him into a pit decorated with American flags
  • Zisteau: "Mindcrack Number 96 - "Drop Box - Pranking Etho" (Z661)"
  • Etho: "Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 67: Unexpected Pranks & Events"
  • 2013-01-17 Turning Pause's Deku tree into an eagle nest
  • BlameTC: "Mindcrack Pranking PauseUnpause"
  • PauseUnpause: "Mindcrack - Episode 184 - I'm Blaming the Controller"
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