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Team Dank is comprised of Arkas and Pyrao. The pair was formed in June 2014 for their playthrough of CTM map Ruins Of The Mindcrackers. A team flair first became available on /r/mindcrack later the same month.[1]

Team Name[edit]

"Dank" is a colloquial term commonly associated with cannabis smoking, used either as an adjective or a verb.[a] "Dankey Kang" is a popular Internet meme, derived from combining the term "dank" and the name of Nintendo character Donkey Kong. The meme was created on 8 January 2014 by cartoonist Mike Rosenthal when he tweeted an edited screenshot of a Jeopardy! scene featuring "Who is Dankey Kang?" written as a response.[2]

In a Garry's Mod Prop Hunt episode released on 8 June 2014, Pyro references the Dankey Kang meme when entering an area filled with a large amount of bananas.[3] The meme became an on-going joke within Team G-mod,[4] and later spread to the Mindcrack Server with Pyro's continued use of the joke.[5]

The team name may be a reference to Arkas' nationality, Dutch, due to the culture associated with cannabis usage in the Netherlands.[6]


Ruins Of The Mindcrackers[edit]

Arkas and Pyro played Ruins Of The Mindcrackers on normal difficulty with the death counter enabled.[7] The series became inactive in August 2014.[8]

Perspectives Notable events
18 Jun 2014
  • Introducing the series
  • Battling the starting area, exploring the first intersection
20 Jun 2014
22 Jun 2014
24 Jun 2014
  • Looking for loot chests
  • Exploring Kevin's Palace and obtaining the light blue wool
28 Jun 2014[c]
  • Exploring the "dark area"
  • Inspirational quotes, race for the diamond chestplate
30 Jun 2014[c]
  • Translations and pronunciations
  • Battling mobs in Mhykol's lighthouse, obtaining the orange wool
  • Travelling to the second intersection
2 Jul 2014
  • Exploring the second intersection
  • Dying, reequipping, exploring Arkas' spawn house
4 Jul 2014
  • Continuing fighting mobs in Arkas' house, obtaining the lime wool
  • Exploring a ledge at the second intersection
  • Talking about watermelons, favorite fruits and Assassin's Creed jumps
10 Jul 2014
  • Showing their farm, talking about adult life
  • Viewing the Victory Monument, referencing the 2014 FIFA World Cup, finding "Pause's Disc", placing collected wools on the monument
  • Exploring the viking tomb, finding iron ore
12 Jul 2014
  • Brewing fire resistance potions, talking about the 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Accidentally burning down AnderZEL's house, obtaining the yellow wool
  • Enchanting their items, placing the yellow wool
14 Jul 2014
  • Travelling to intersection three, Pyro's new found confidence
  • Building an enclosed area for farm animals
  • Placing torches and trying to ignore mobs, exploring Guude's Elemental towers
  • Finding "McGamer's Scuba Helmet" and the "Dead Man's Hoe"
16 Jul 2014
  • Obtaining the light gray wool, visting the fourth intersection
  • Pyro's fake death message, conquering the Lapis Castle, searching for the wool
  • The despawning milk bucket
18 Jul 2014
  • Travelling to the monument, reequipping Pyro, placing the light gray wool
  • Exploring Pause's area
20 Jul 2014
  • Continuing to explore Pause's area, fighting mobs, Arkas' wooden box
  • Obtaining the purple wool, trying to get to safety, placing the purple wool
22 Jul 2014[d]
24 Jul 2014[d]
  • Fighting mobs in thejims' castle, obtaining the brown wool, searching for loot chests
  • Placing the brown wool, farming wheat and potatoes
26 Jul 2014[d]
  • Travelling to intersection five, locating the blue wool
  • Finding "The Popsic OF MADNESS!", conquering the Arena, battling "Guude"
28 Jul 2014[d]
  • Obtaining Guude's head, searching for a wool
  • Destroying spawners in the void area, finding the "Butcher's Boots", obtaining the green wool
  • Placing the green and blue wool, placing TNT
30 Jul 2014[d]
  • Placing Guude's head, conquering Nebris' base, finding "The Starr", obtaining the red wool
  • Enchanting armor, placing the red wool
3 Aug 2014
  • First recording after an extended break, talking about London
  • Searching for missing wools, obtaining the cyan wool from Docm77's tree house, placing the cyan wool

Don't Starve Together[edit]

Pyro_0 and Arkas reunited in January 2015 to play Don't Starve Together along with their friend, ProtostarMusic.

Perspectives Notable events
9 Jan 2015
  • Learning the basics and hunting rabbits

10 Jan 2015
  • Continuing the rabbit hunt and roaming the world
  • Their first deaths - Survived 6 days


Arkas and Pyro with fans in Amsterdam

Both Pyro[12] and Arkas[13] shared that they had acquired press passes for EGX 2014, a gaming convention held in London from 25-28 September, but Pyro later noted he would not be attending for financial reasons.[14][15] Despite this, Arkas still attended along with ProtostarMusic.[16]

Arkas and Pyro both attended MineCon 2015, also in London, sharing an apartment together with Protostar and other friends.[17] The pair held a meetup in Amsterdam on 15 August.[18][19]



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