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Team GuudenPause is a duo comprised of Guude and PauseUnpause. The team formed in May 2012 for their series playing the tactical shooter Sniper Elite V2. A team flair first became available on /r/mindcrack in November 2014.[1][2] The flair was retired in March 2015.[3]

Both Guude and Pause have participated together in group recordings of Garry's Mod, Mario Kart 8, and Space Engineers. They are both members of Team Nancy Drew along with VintageBeef and W92Baj.


Game Playlist or First Episode Start date Brief description
Sniper Elite V2 9 May 2012 See Sniper Elite V2
Sniper Elite III 9 July 2014
Destiny 10 Sep 2014 Featuring Millbee in the final three episodes


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