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Team PauseUnBeef

Team PauseUnBeef, otherwise known as Beef & Pause, previously VintagePause,[1] or Team Canada during Ultra Hardcore Season 7, is the duo consisting of PauseUnpause and VintageBeef. A team flair was first available on /r/mindcrack on 1 March 2015.[2]


From Ashes[edit]

"From Ashes" is an open world Minecraft CTM map by the Gustavo Entertainment Team, piecia997 and Geminos.

PauseUnpause's playlist VintageBeef's playlist
PauseUnpause VintageBeef
Perspectives Notable events
29 Jan 2013
  • Introducing the map
  • Exploring the starting area, collecting loot
  • Obtaining the white core

Grand Theft Auto V[edit]

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Following the completion of his singleplayer playthrough, Beef started his Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer series in December 2013 on Xbox 360.[3] His series became inactive in February 2014.

On 15 April 2014, both Pyro_0 and Beef announced their intention to start a series together along with Pause,[4][5] however, Beef and Pause's series did not feature Pyro at any point. Episodes released in August 2014 featured Coestar.

Perspectives Notable events
13 May 2014
  • Pause has 500K!
  • Pause robs a store, Beef steals his motorbike back, Pause paints his car
15 May 2014
  • Playing team death match, racing through the city, playing Raid
17 May 2014
  • Avoiding the police, delivering a car to Simeon
  • Arm wrestling each other
19 May 2014
  • Pause's driving, jetski racing, parachuting
27 May 2014
  • Balancing in the back of the dump truck, fighting off police
29 May 2014
  • Attempting to play beachball soccer
  • Boating, jetskiing
31 May 2014
  • Travelling to the airport, flying to the tattoo parlour
  • Picking up a truck in their helicopter

Terra Restore[edit]

Terra Restore is a Minecraft CTM map by Mithey. Beef and Pause played the map on normal difficulty in Minecraft version 1.8. Their series ended after encountering issues with the Tiny Doomloo boss battle.

VintageBeef's playlist
Perspectives Notable events
10 Feb 2015
  • Epic music!
  • Introduction to the map, Valley of Beginnings
  • Farming wood, collecting loot
  • Finding intersection 0
12 Feb 2015
  • Exploring intersection 0, obtaining the white wool
  • Finding ender chests, travelling via the Railway to intersection 1
  • Entering the Tree of Yore (Great Deku Tree)
14 Feb 2015
  • Conquering the Tree of Yore, obtaining the orange wool
  • Dying, trying to regather their items, finding a Terra Restore
16 Feb 2015
  • Bringing the orange wool to safety
  • Entering the Chao Mines, mining coal, breaking spawners
20 Feb 2015
  • Dealing with sand spawners in the Chao Mines, Beef's bad Internet
  • Obtaining the magenta wool, finding a Terra Restore
  • Riding a minecart to the next area, previewing the Ominous Hillside
  • Taking the boats back, getting lost
22 Feb 2015
  • Pillaring back up to Chao Mine, finding the Victory Monument
  • Visiting the Chamber of Valor, placing the white and magenta wools, using their two found Terra Restores
24 Feb 2015
  • Searching for their orange wool
  • Conquering the Ominous Hillside, fighting Sunlight Zombies and Skeletons
26 Feb 2015
  • Fighting Swarmers, battling the Guardian Witley boss
  • Obtaining light blue wool and a Terra Restore
  • Using a Terra Restore, placing the light blue wool, trying to upgrade their food
28 Feb 2015
  • At intersection 2, travelling to the Tropical Islands of Nalu
  • Exploring the volcano
2 Mar 2015
  • Continuing the explore the volcano, Bubba's fault!
  • Opening gates, fighting zombalfoes
4 Mar 2015
  • Obtaining the pink wool, travelling to the Village of Niraton
  • Encountering Sethbling's Crazy Contraption House, Vechs & Zisteau's Well-heated Loving House
  • Searching the village for emerald blocks
6 Mar 2015
  • Looking for more emerald blocks, placing the pink wool, dancing
  • Starting to explore the Niraton Sewers
8 Mar 2015
  • Continuing to explore the Niraton Sewers, battling mobs, collecting spawners
  • Obtaining the gray wool, entering the Great Barrier
10 Mar 2015
  • Being overrun by Fallen Guardians
  • Fighting mobs, making progress through the area
18 Mar 2015
  • Digging through the walls, fighting mobs, breaking spawners
  • Finding a Terra Restore, helpful creepers, using lava to their advantage
20 Mar 2015
  • Opening the gates, battling Zombie Knights, obtaining the light gray wool
  • Locating Niraton Caves, placing the light gray wool, using a Terra Restore
  • Unlocking the wheat farm, growing wheat
  • Entering the Ultra Hardcore Water Cave
22 Mar 2015
  • Exploring the caves in Ultra Hardcore mode, finding a Terra Restore
24 Mar 2015
  • Continuing the fight their way through the caves, obtaining the lime wool
  • Travelling back to base, placing the lime wool, using a Terra Restore
  • Finding the Mindcrack UHC Monument, unlocking the Meaty Bear recipe
26 Mar 2015
  • In The Frozen Column, fighting potion-equipped zombies
  • Entering the dragon tower, obtaining the yellow wool, finding a Terra Restore
28 Mar 2015
  • Placing the yellow wool, using a Terra Restore, unlocking the enchanting room
  • Travelling to The Battle For the Barrier, reading a novel, flying boats
30 Mar 2015
  • Shutting down Beacon 1 and 2 in The Battle For the Barrier
1 Apr 2015
  • Fighting invisible cave spiders, shutting down another beacon
  • Recovering their items, "Pause is the [adjective] Native American"
3 Apr 2015
  • Regathering Pause's items, shutting down another beacon
  • Exploring the area, fighting ghasts, lighting up the area with lava
5 Apr 2015
  • Spreading the lava lighting, starting the boss battle
  • Battling waves of baby zombies, fighting Tiny Doomloo
  • Breaking the map


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