Team Single Malt Scotch

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Single Malt Scotch

Team Single Malt Scotch at the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013

Team Single Malt Scotch is the duo consisting of kurtmac and Zisteau. The team was formed in June 2012 for UHC Season 7; during the match, Kurt was drinking Aberlour A'bunadh, a single malt Scotch.[1] The following month, Kurt and Zisteau worked together on the Mindcrack Server to excavate Kurt's missile silo. Since then, the pair have collaborated few times despite their positive reception.[citation needed]

Mindcrack Server[edit]

Perspectives Notable events
15 Jul 2012
  • Using TNT to clear Kurt's missile silo
  • Discussing Doctor Who and UHC
17 Jul 2012
  • Using TNT to clear Kurt's missile silo


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