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Vintage Guusteau

Team Vintage Guusteau is a group comprised of Guude, VintageBeef, and Zisteau. The team was formed in November 2014 for their Let's Play series of LittleBigPlanet 3. The name "Vintage Guusteau" was first suggested by redditor timmit99.[1] The series was thought to be Season 19 of MindCrack Ultra Hardcore or the return of OOGE since Guude, as well as several other MindCrackers, announced he recently started "a new series with 2 mindcrackers," on Twitter shortly before their first videos were released.[2] The Vintage Guusteau flair became available the same month[3], but was removed on 27 December 2014 due to the team's lack of collaborations.


LittleBigPlanet 3[edit]

Vintage Guusteau's first custom Sackpeople. From L-R: Zisteau, Guude, VintageBeef
Vintage Guusteau's first custom OddSocks. From L-R: Guude, VintageBeef, Zisteau
Zisteau's video thumbnails throughout the series


VintageBeef's playlist Zisteau's playlist
VintageBeef Zisteau

Episodes were released every two days typically at 12:00 PM, EST. Zisteau served as the Party Leader throughout the series. The series was put on hiatus after the eighth episode when the team encountered bugs rendering the game unplayable.[4]

Perspectives Notable events
22 Nov 2014
  • Playing the first mission
  • Teaching Guude how to play
24 Nov 2014
  • Playing with the sucking and blowing mechanics
  • Climbing grates
26 Nov 2014
  • Playing with the Velociporters
28 Nov 2014
  • Dancing
  • Collecting their first marble
  • Customizing their characters
30 Nov 2014
  • Playing with zero-gravity physics
  • Guude holding on to people
  • Collecting their second marble
2 Dec 2014
  • Playing with the Blink Balls
  • Getting their first game over
  • Collecting their third marble
4 Dec 2014
  • Playing as OddSock
6 Dec 2014
  • Encountering bugs in the game


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