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The Forest is a first-person survival horror game in which the player must survive on a forested island after being the lone survivor of a plane crash. The game's pre-alpha version was released through Steam on 30 May 2014.

Single Player[edit]

Member Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
VintageBeef "Let's Play The Forest (alpha)" 31 May 2014
generikb "The Forest" 31 May 2014
Docm77 "The Forest - Horror Survival with Docm77" 5 Jun 2014
BlameTC "The Forest (Alpha)" 21 Jun 2014 No longer available on his channel
AnderZEL "The Forest" 22 Sep 2014
Aureylian "Aurey Plays: The Forest" 14 Nov 2014 Stand alone video, taken from a livestream


Tuna Bandits[edit]

PauseUnpause and OldManWillakers reunite as the Tuna Bandits for another vacation! Pause accidentally deleted his recording of the series.[1]

OldManWillkers' playlist

The Show[edit]

Coestar, Guude and Millbee make up The Show for their playthrough of The Forest, following the inactivity of their Space Engineers series.

Notable events
21 Mar 2015
  • Surviving the plane crash on their way to a boy scout conference in Malaysia
  • Scavenging the plane, searching baggage, collecting resources
  • Building shelters, flying logs, surviving the night
23 Mar 2015
  • Exploring, Guude's broken legs, throwing rocks
  • Swimming, wandering around the island
  • Working on their log cabin, making a farm, being attacked by the mutants
25 Mar 2015
  • Playing on a new map, collecting initial resources, Coe sees boars
  • Being ambushed by mutants, taking refuge in a cave, Coe dies a lot
  • Millbee's vampire friends, Guude and Millbee hear frogs, the underwater fire
27 Mar 2015
  • Finishing the underwater fire, Coe and Millbee die a lot
  • Guude's invisible logs, the game is broken!

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