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The Minecraft avatar of thefountain88

thefountain88 in real life
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Fountain

thefountain88, also known simply as Fountain or Alex as his personal name, is a former member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on December 2011 after befriending Guude and BdoubleO100 at MineCon 2011.[1] Mar0mi, another former member who joined with him on the Fan Server, is his girlfriend.[2] Fountain runs a Minecraft server named "Get In The Cart, Pig".

Let's Play[edit]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
7 Dec 2011 "Let's Play Mindcrack Fan Server - E01 - My First Time"
  • Shows Google's result of MindCrack images
  • Harvests resources outside spawn
  • Visits spawn village and BdoubleO's temple
  • Talk on gambling in Las Vegas and MineCon
11 Dec 2011 "Let's Play Mindcrack Fan Server - E02 - Twenty-Four Iron"
  • Explores the map for an extreme hills to settle in
  • Caving just outside Six/RC's place

Minecraft skin[edit]

Fountain's skin represents an Enderman hunter.[3]

thefountain88's skin

Previous skin[edit]

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