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This is a list of thejims' modded MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by thejims on the MindCrack modded server using Feed the Beast and CrackPack.

Feed the Beast[edit]

This season occurred on the modded server's second map.

Video Notable events Featuring
9 Jan 2013 "thejims - FTB - EP1"
  • Frame quarry time lapse
18 Jan 2013 "thejims - FTB - EP2"
  • Making a bluetricity battery system
4 Feb 2013 "thejims - FTB - EP3"
  • Explaining his biomass setup, both on FTB and in a single player creative world


thejims' playlist for this season is "Crackpack on Mindcrack". It occurred on the modded server's third map.

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