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This is a list of thejims's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by thejims on the MindCrack server. The playlist for all his Minecraft videos is "Minecraft".

Pre Beta 1.8 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
12 Jan 2011 "Champ's Castle in Minecraft"
  • First video
  • A tour of his castle
20 Jan 2011 "Champ Venturing into my clearcut cave"
  • Shows his "clearcut cave"
27 Jan 2011 "Champ's Second Base"
  • Showing Base #2 and demonstrating his simple mob trap
7 Feb 2011 "Champ's Spawn Harvester Tutorial"
  • Showing his zombie spawner design
10 Feb 2011 "Champ's Cactus Farm"
  • Showing his cactus farm design
1 Mar 2011 "Champ's Spider Harvester"
  • Showing his spider spawner design and noting differences from his zombie spawner design
4 Mar 2011 "Champ at the Arena"
  • Testing the arena mob system
26 Mar 2011 "Champ's Castle Part Deux"
  • Touring his remodeled castle
30 Mar 2011 "Champ's Base 2 Get Invaded by Slimes"
  • Showing Base #2 overrun by slimes
4 Apr 2011 "Champ taking a ride to Base #2"
  • Showing the length of minecart ride to Base #2
  • Explaining his addition to Base #2
9 Apr 2011 "Champ fixes the Slime Situation"
  • Showing fix his slime problem at Base #2
20 Apr 2011 "Champ's Door Booster Replacement"
  • Showing new booster rail design
28 May 2011 "Champ can't stand the mushrooms"
  • Discussing the amount of mushrooms in the Nether
28 May 2011 "Champ vs Patch 1.6.4"
  • Traveling to Base #2 through the Nether
  • Tour of Base #2
2 Jun 2011 "Champ goes fishing for Ghast"
  • Trying to fish Ghasts into groups of zombie pigmen
16 Jun 2011 "Champ's Double Spider Harvesting Madness!"
  • Explaining how the double spider trap works
17 Jul 2011 "Champ's new Dark Room, w/ Piston Lights"
  • A tour of his piston based mob harvester
18 Jul 2011 "Champ turns the lights on"
  • Showing how the lights work inside his piston based mob harvester
3 Aug 2011 "thejims' dungeon spawn harvester"
  • Step by step walkthrough of a spawner design
3 Aug 2011 "thejims' piston tree farm"
  • Showing a piston based tree farm design

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
29 Mar 2012 "thejims reeding on the MindCrack server."
  • Leaving reeds around the base of Ethos mob farm
  • Discussing plans for his base and UFO
5 Apr 2012 "thejims MindCrack Quad Cave Spider Spawners"
  • Explaining changes to the quad spider spawner works
12 Apr 2012 "thejims' new MindCrack neighbor, Pyropuncher"
  • Touring the castle and discussing future plans
16 Apr 2012 "thejims' MindCrack fortress"
  • Talking about turning his castle into a fortress
29 Apr 2012 "thejims' work on the MindCrack Quad Cave Spider Spawner"
  • Explaining how the quad spawner spawner works
30 Apr 2012 "thejims' MindCrack pre-UHC5 let down"
  • Removing an obsidian penis from his house at spawn
  • Trying to determine what everyone is doing on the server (getting ready for UHC 5)
  • Seeing the first cryptic pillar
Participants of UHC 5
5 May 2012 "thejims slays a dragon on the MindCrack server" See Slaying of the Ender Dragon
6 May 2012 "thejims' secret Mindcrack vault redstone wiring"
  • Building a secret vault with combination lock
10 Sep 2012 "thejims' first novel"
  • Signing a book for a member of Mhykol's Fan Server (Not on the MindCrack Fan Server)
  • Showing his mycelium island between his base and the Arena
23 Sep 2012 "thejims sets up Nether Portals on the MindCrack server"
  • Speed build of portals to connect the towers he has/plans to build
  • Mining obsidian in the Nether
30 Sep 2012 "thejims finds a record on the MindCrack server"
  • Caving
13 Oct 2012 "thejims' towers on the MindCrack server"
  • Giving a tour of his towers