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The tiki bar was a shop in the Nether hub on the Season 3 MindCrack vanilla server created by AvidyaZEN in a video he published on October 19, 2012. It was designed to be a meeting place for people intending to relax; tiki bargoers can take a seat at the chairs after grabbing a bucket and can receive "White Russians" from the cow bartender in the form of buckets of milk. but was equipped with furnaces so any people frequenting the bar could cook items while they waited. It was the second shop to be built in the Nether hub after mcgamer's Lapis Exchange. The establishment was inspired by generikb. The tiki bar's cow bartender is named the Dude and was rescued by Avidya from a chicken coop at the Spawn village.[1]

Avidya traveled to Mhykol's village to harvest bluish wools for use in the bar's construction of the tiki bar's sky-themed ceiling. Sand was used for the floor and smooth sandstone was used in the walls where possible; the bar itself was built with a leafed roof and was surrounded with spruce wood chairs.[1]

The Dude served as a source of milk for Avidya while he was building a monument for donors on the server because there were no cows left in the Spawn village, which is where the monument was located.[2] During one update, the Dude inadvertently ate several of Avidya's buckets while Avidya was trying to get milk from him.[3]

Those who go to the tiki bar are asked to take off their shoes,[1] a rule that was not thoroughly followed when the MindCrack Season 3 final Server Tour took place.[4]


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