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The town hall is the primary meeting place for the members of the MindCrack Vanilla Season 4 server. It serves as the central focal point of Spawn on the server. The building houses an amphitheater with a central podium where Guude, the server's administrator and de facto leader, can stand and host meet ups with other members of the server.[1] The town hall was used for this very purpose before the Wither fight[2] and the ender dragon fight.[3] The concept of the town hall was, along with the idea of an organically generated Spawn and a UHC-style non-regenerative style of play, conceived before the server was reset; Guude discussed in his last video on the Season 3 server that the monument commemorating victories against the Wither and ender dragon would be situated in the town hall.[4] The town hall was built largely by BdoubleO100 and was his first major build on the newly-reset server.

BlameTC accidentally claimed the originally intended location of the town hall, causing BdoubleO to move the position of the building to a nearby site. On-video work on the building began on a video that BdoubleO released on 3 July 2013.[1] He had largely finished the structure with the exception of several windows and a the roof by his seventh episode on the Season 4 server, which he released on 13 July 2013.[2]

The slain ender dragon's egg replaced the pulpit at the center of the town hall's amphitheater, after generikb accidentaly teleported the egg, it was incased in glass to prevent it happening again. Once the wither was slain, the MindCrack community contributed metal blocks to build a beacon in front of the town hall. The dragon egg was then moved atop the beacon.[5] The Beacon and dragon egg where later moved to the spawn pond.


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