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Toxopausemosis is a disease coined to explain the aggressive behavior of PauseUnpause. The word comes from toxoplasmosis, which is a parasitic disease Pause apparently has[1][2] and is commonly transferred to humans through cats. Pause mentioned this disease as toxomitosis to explain his homicidal behavior during a session with Etho of Dwarves vs Zombies, a server-side mod for Minecraft.[3] The disease was mentioned by Zisteau later on the MindCrack server, after PauseUnpause accidentally suffocated Zisteau's cat, Gargantuan. Zisteau stated the cause of death was toxoplasmosis.[4] During UHC Season 7, Zisteau mentioned the disease again, suggesting Pause to "channel [his] inner toxo," with Pause replying "ToxoPausemosis." Zisteau then explained in detail about toxoplasmosis and its association to Pause.[5]


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