Tuna Bandits

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Tuna Bandits

The Tuna Bandits is a duo comprised of PauseUnpause and OldManWillakers. The team was officially formed in January 2014 for their series playing the indie survival game, Rust. The team name is a reference to the goal of the series, which was to find other players (called "Jimmies" by Rob) and steal their tuna, a food item in the game.

During the series, Rob registered the domain tunabandits.com which showed the total amount of tuna they had collected. The URL now redirects to Rob’s playlist of the series.

A team flair was made by Reddit user DarthMewtwo and was first available in March 2014.[1] The flair was retired in June 2014.[2]


The Tuna Bandit Oath[3] is an agreement used by either PauseUnpause or OldManWillakers in the Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town. If they are both innocent, they can agree to the oath and work together. If one is a traitor, they will kill the other in order to prevent breaking the oath.


Thumbnail used by Rob for the Tuna Bandits' LP of Rust
Game Playlist or First Episode Start date Brief description
Rust 7 Jan 2014 The beginning of The Tuna Bandits
Battleblock Theater 28 Jun 2014
World of Diving 11 Sep 2014
The Forest 1 Dec 2014
Don't Starve Together 7 Jan 2015 See Don't Starve
Mod Playlist Start Date Brief Description
Orespawn 28 Feb 2014


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