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The Mindcrack Recap was an overview of the weeks happenings on the MindCrack server that was hosted by community member uisdead99. The series spanned from June 2012 to September 2012 before becoming inactive. uisdead made a post on /r/mindcrack on 1 November 2012 expressing a desire to make the series active again,[1] but it remained inactive.


Video Notable events Featuring
22 Jun 2012 "mindcrack recap"
  • Adlington does a Q&A episode and vists Beef's castle, Anderz finishes his mob trap, Baj plays Trials of the Minemasons with Beef
  • BdoubleO continues work on the arena, and starts his snapshot review series "The Peep Show"
  • Etho is pranked by Anderz, and continues work on his slime farm. Later MC, Nebris and Arkas give Etho's base a Nether makeover
  • Guude works on the lighting of his village, and releases two vlogs - one about the MindCrack Android app and the other lost footage from the sex tape at MineCon 2011
  • JSano and Kurt returns to the server, Kurt makes his FLoB 30% milestone video, MC works on his underwater palace
  • Season 3 of CobbleHATERz begins, Mhykol talks about a wedding, and continues his "Super Hostile #11: Lethamyr" playthrough with DireDwarf
  • Nebris tours the server and talks about UHC 7, Pakratt starts his Pakratt's Pondery series, Pause is pranked by Beef
  • Shree finds the pranked left by Nebris and MC, Shree plays Kerbal Space Program, Beef builds Portuguese flag at his castle
  • Beef pranked by Zisteau, Zisteau works on the Lens
30 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack Recap #2"
  • Reuploaded to MindCrackNetwork channel
  • Adlingtont talks about living in Canada, Anderz dies in a funny way, and finishes his roof
  • Baj starts a redstone project, and plays a small prank on Pause along with Guude and Beef, Team OOGE's Kaizo Caverns playthrough continues, Bdubs begins making an adventure map
  • Kurt passes astronaut training with Beef and Bdubs for his 40% milestone video, Bdubs continues work on the arena and is showered in obsidian by Etho
  • Doc shows the flying boat glitch, talks about attending MineCon 2012, shows his crafting table hider, and fights mobs for his 100th episode of the World Tour
  • Etho's base is given a makeover by Zisteau, Etho creates the Death Games, Guude talks about a death in the family
  • JustD3fy gives an update on his channel, Kurt talks about getting a tattoo, MC's Ultimate Miner returns with season 2
  • MC works on his melon farm and continues his Good Morning MindCrack series, Millbee logs in on the Nether ceiling, and does his creeper impression
  • Mhykol sets up automatic street lights, Pakratt talks about the T3 project
  • Pause does a Q&A, plays DayZ, and also MineZ with Beef
  • Pyro returns to the server after exams, Shree works on his slime farm, Beef starts his jungle village
7 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Recap #3"
  • Reuploaded to the MindCrackNetwork channel
  • Anderz talks about piracy while caving, Baj shows off his test world, Bdubs talks about map resets and works on the Arena
  • Doc does a subscriber special vlog, and talks about 1.3, Etho works on his brewing station, JSano makes his village safer, Kurt works on his missile silo
  • MC talks about Zeldathon, MC plays Super Mario World, Millbee talks about YouTube comments, Mhykol celebrates his 200th episode, Pause makes his beef cooker farm
  • Beef makes a blacksmith in his village, Zisteau makes an automated farm at the Lens and does a FLoB parody video
  • Anderz and Beef go ABBA Caving, Team Nancy Drew play The Walls and The Dropper
  • Guude pranks MC with McDonalds logo, Mhykol builds shears at Millbee's house, Etho tries to kill MC and Nebris, Pause celebrates Canada Day
21 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Recap #4 and #5"
  • Anderz builds his wall, goes caving, Arkas releases his first two videos, Baj builds an automatic tree farm
  • BdoubleO talks about doing YouTube full time, works on the Arena stairs, Doc makes a pig breeder, and shows his iron farm
  • Etho rebuilds his Nether track, and does another speed challenge, Guude tries Vegemite, JSano talks about work and gets lost
  • Millbee reads viewer questions, tells a drunken story, and waxes his legs, Pak makes a vlog, Pause rages, and shaves his head, Shree rebuilding his computer
  • Beef builds village statue, works on his castle, and does a Q&A, Zisteau works on his watermelon farm


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