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Ultra Hardcore (UHC) is a Minecraft gamemode in which the player can not regain health simply by having a full food bar, requiring golden apples or potions of healing to recover health if damage is taken. This can either be used in competitive PvP events, such as Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore, where players are eliminated upon death, or can be used to increase the game's difficulty in an otherwise regular survival word, as done in Season 4 of the Mindcrack Server.

UHC was conceived when VintageBeef was watching Guude's hardcore series, in which Guude said he wished health didn't regenerate. Beef contacted SBK_x_SiiLeNcE to create a mod with those gameplay changes.[1][2] The mod, titled "xxxHardcorexxx Mod" in its respective Minecraft Forums post, was a client-side mod used from season 1 through to season 7 of Mindcrack UHC. In addition to changing the health mechanics of Minecraft, the mod also changed the recipe for golden apples, requiring 8 gold ingots rather than 8 gold nuggets, and glistering melons (the primary ingredient of healing potions), requiring a block of gold instead of a gold nugget.[3] Instead of dropping ghast tears upon death, ghasts now drop gold ingots, so as to enforce the ban on potions of regeneration (which were considered imbalanced within the gamemode).[4]

Following the guest appearance of Minecraft developer Dinnerbone in season 11 of Mindcrack UHC, a number of changes were made in snapshot 13w23a (full release 1.6.1) to accommodate for UHC in vanilla Minecraft.[5] In particular, two new commands were added and the recipes of golden apples and glistering melons were modified. The two commands were /spreadplayers, used to scatter players around a specified area, and the naturalRegeneration gamerule, used to determine if health regeneration should occur when the food bar is full. The golden apple recipe was changed to require 8 gold ingots (as it was in the mod), while the glistering melon recipe was changed to require 8 gold nuggets. The same snapshot also saw changes to the regeneration status effect. Dinnerbone has clarified that the gamerule was the only feature added or changed for the purpose of implementing UHC.[6] Guude says the addition of UHC to Minecraft is "surreal" and "awesome to see".[2]


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