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  • Who are you?

I am Aejrogota on the MindCrack Subreddit.

  • How did you discover MindCrack?

I discovered Etho about half-way through his first single-player season. I avidly watched his participation with Docm77 and against Guude and BdoubleO100 in the Race for Wool series. When this led to Etho's inductance onto MindCrack, my interests spread to BdoubleO, Zisteau and Guude.

  • Why help out on the MindCrack wiki?

I have several years of experience editing Wikipedia but later fell out of the habit of editing on the site. I Googled "mindcrack wiki" out of curiosity one day and was interested to see that there was one available on the entertainers who I now watch more than TV! Since I enjoy editing wikis and also watching MindCrack, those interests could now be expressed in a new way.