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The Mindcrack World Map is the entire world map of the Mindcrack server. The world save was previously on Guude's website at and was updated everyday, but Guude had taken the download down due to a massive increase in bandwidth usage[1] and fans spoiling pranks and projects.[2] The generated map on Guude's website was updated daily but the 1.2.1 Anvil format prevented Guude from generating an updated map.[3] The generated maps of Season 3 were no longer available to view. Fans have supplied mirrors of the available world downloads that were released much more sparingly over time. In the past, ShreeyamGFX had supplied patches of the world for download. Officially generated maps made a return in Season 4.[4] The render of the map could previously be accessed on the official MindCrack website. It was updated fairly frequently but has been long abandoned. An official overviewer map was once again made available for Season 7 starting on 15 May 2019[5], with Mhykol maintaining the daily updating map at[6] Labeled base markers were later added to the map on 25 May 2019.[7]

Historical maps

Season 2

An Overviewer map was provided by notwhereyouare, a daytime map generated from Season 2 world map save; however the link no longer works.

14 September 2011 - 2 March 2012

MikiMiner has provided a video on YouTube showing a compilation of all generated Season 3 (post-1.8) maps that were available on Guude's website.

Nighttime map with labels (7 April 2012)

This nighttime map was generated from the 7 April world map save. Extreme areas like PauseUnpause's base are cropped out. Labels with an asterisk denotes locations that are not directly accessible through a Nether portal.

Daytime map with labels (13 April 2012)

This daytime map was generated from the 13 April world map save. PauseUnpause's base is cropped out. Labels with an asterisk denotes locations that are not directly accessible through a Nether portal.

Daytime map with semi-interactivity (30 May 2012)

This semi-interactive map is a daytime map generated from the 30 May world map save. Every settlement is visible on the map.

Overviewer maps

The wiki hosts generated maps of the final world downloads of the past three seasons using The Minecraft Overviewer program. The maximum zoom of the maps are removed to save storage space for the website. Points of interests can be made visible by clicking on the "POI" option on the top right of the Overviewer pages. All POIs can be edited on the wiki itself.


Season 1

Season 1 Download - MediaFire

Guude used to provide a download of his world for the first contest at (dated 23 December 2010) but it is no longer available. The is now a mirror download of it from /u/Guardax of the mindcrack subreddit, located here .

Season 2

Season 2 Download - MediaFire

Guude used to provide a cropped map of Season 2 (pre-1.8) for the final contest at (dated 4 August 2011) but it is no longer available. The file has been mirrored though it is recommended to use this as a backup download and one of the alternative downloads to conserve on bandwidth. VintageBeef provided the entire Season 2 map at (dated 30 August 2011).

Season 3

  • 30 May 2012: Due to the cost Guude incurred from hosting the World Map as a download, Guude began pulling the World Map off the site around this date. This was the earliest publicly-known torrent available of the MindCrack Season 3 map.[8]
  • 30 June - 7 July 2012: Shree had supplied patches of the world map for download. Fifteen locations were available for download. Shree used the World Downloader mod to download parts of the world.[9]
  • 23 September 2012: Guude released the World Map as a download but only for about an hour. According to Guude, "The reason I did it tonight was the data traffic rolls over in a few days and we were doing ok last month on xfer and not a lot going on with the server tonight so figured it could handle the heavy hit." Public torrents are available for download.[10]
  • 17 April 2013: Guude provided a version of the map to Aubron, and it was released as a torrent on the Mindcrack reddit.[11]
  • 26 June 2013: Guude provided the final Season 3 map (1.6 Snapshots) to Aubron at the start of Season 4.

An official torrent was previously available at, however it would later become inactive and so there are currently no official downloads available for the Season 3 map

Season 4

Season 4 Download - MEGA

Season 4 Download - MediaFire

Throughout the season, the world could be explored at PlayMindcrack but no full download was provided. The final and only map was made available by /r/mindcrack subreddit moderator rubysown some time after the start of Season 5.[12]

Season 5

Not yet released to public

Season 6

During the 2018 Mindcrack Marathon a server with a copy of the Season 6 map was made available to explore as a donation goal to anyone that donated at least $10 during the marathon, but the world download has not yet released to the public.

Season 7

Not yet released to public


None of the modded maps have been released by Guude. Guude has explained that he lost the second server map of Feed the Beast.[13] Initially he stated that Zisteau's entire FTB series was about him hiding (although some people had found him) and Guude's sorting system contained a private URL.[14]


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