Vechs's Underground Lair

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The Underground Lair is Vechs_'s main base of operations on the Season 4 MindCrack Vanilla server. Although it had been his main project at the time, he had kept the project secret for his first fifty episodes. The lair is constructed around a central hub; a skeleton farm, a sheep farm called Project Rainbow, and a large terrarium all radiate from his central living space. This centralized chamber includes his main storage area, bedroom, and island.


Vechs first conceived the idea for building the Lair when he discovered a double dungeon. Remarking that it was lucky, he decided to stay and established his base there. He began to lament the dreariness of the grey in his cave as he started to expand the base, so he started decorating. It was this that led him to build the Davion Keep. This never went past a foundation, unfortunately.