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Desert Springs, previously known as the Wasteland Village was a settlement under construction by Zisteau on the post-1.8 vanilla map that was situated in a desert biome nearby the Lens and Zisteau's Temporary House. The concept for the construction of the village was inspired by the moonscape of jagged stone resulting from sand and sandstone mining for use in the construction of the Lens.

Initially, the Wasteland Village was to be built directly unto the jagged landscape. However, Zisteau later decided to construct a fully-fledged town atop a reconstructed grassland before destroying the village himself in an apocalyptic event.


Many of the structures in Desert Springs were created from designs fans submitted. The village, prior to its intended destruction, contained a large number of houses. Zisteau attempted to make economic stratification a major influence in the designs of the residential sector of the settlement. Poor villagers live in small, square houses constructed with inexpensive jungle wood taken from an adjacent biome while wealthier families live in larger houses created from the wood of birch trees, which must have been imported from a more distant biome. Commercial structures include a public swimming pool, a bank, a movie theater and a number of stores. There were two parks, a large, wooded park surrounded by walls for the upper class residents and a smaller, run down park for the poorer villagers.

During construction, the villagers that were to live in the Desert Springs were housed in a large cobblestone structure that levitated above the village.


The movie theatre of the Desert Springs concealed a green screen behind the facade. It was constructed by Zisteau for the purposes of filming his introduction to his Feed the Beast series "Seek the Beast". Zisteau discussed the construction of the green screen and his usage of it for Feed the Beast in an episode released on December 3, 2012, in which VintageBeef posed in Zisteau's Feed the Beast skin and acted out the scenes used in the introduction.[1]

The green screen was designed as a wall of glowstone, which was used for its brightness. Zisteau would switch to a texture pack that would turn the glowstone into a solid color that could then be converted to any background of interest. The green screen was designed for easy use by the MindCrack community at large.[1] During the following episode, which Zisteau released on December 7, 2012, the green screen was given the façade of a movie theatre so it would appropriately fit into the Wasteland Village's decor.[2]


Desert Springs was destroyed as part of Zisteau's finale on the Season 3 server[3]


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