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The White Cannon Tournament (WCT) was an event headed by Pakratt0013 with the help of people from the MindCrack and MindCrack Fan Servers, The Spawn, oc.tc (Overcast Network), and their close friends. This is a "tournament that has been designed to test competitors skill and expertise in the Minecraft art form of Cannons. The main goal of the WCT is to hold an event where players can have fun building and showing off different cannon designs in a competitive environment."[1]

Preliminary idea[edit]

Pakratt conceived the idea for WCT and had left a 27-page Written Book detailing his idea at Blockhaven, the spawn town of the MindCrack Fan Server.

Hi, guys! Pak here.
I came up with an idea for somethin' that I could use a significant amount of help with t' do proper, and I thought I'd come to you guys! I did go to th' main server guys first, but, to be honest,

it gets busy with 'em (myself included), so not surprised non jumped on board immediately. Not t' say they won't when (if) it gets goin', but for now, it's only an idea.

so, here's what I got:

I want to do a tournament. A big-ish one. One that is mindcrackian in nature (to me at least), and can get th' fans involved in what's goin' on.

I also want to have prizes that'll be worthy of it, for instance have some peeps from th' main and whomever else wants in to visit th' winners @ the server of their choosin'. Maybe some Steam games for runners up, etc.

And I want it t' be for buildin' Cannons.


...In vanilla.

Now, for the rest of th' description, I'll be nice n' type more normal so th' rest of ya can read it without hurtin' yer poor 'lil eyes.

Here's the basic idea I have laid out:

Basically, I want to have a tournament to build and fire cannons in an event, built entirely in vanilla. I'm thinking that this follows a real Mind-
Crackian focus on using vanilla as a basis for most things (the server, UHC, etc.)

I suppose the best way of explaining is to go through the tournie as I see it from beginning to end.
First (after a possible prelim), all the competitors gather at the start, and we send them off on a 2-hour timer.

Each is given a diamond pick (soulbound?) and that is it. In that time, they gather any and all resources they think they will need for the cannons (including ammo). The only exemption is gunpowder, which will be 'provided' through creeper grinders.

As they gather, they bring their supplies to secure (bedrock lined) rooms at the test site (Nether) to leave for their time to shine. Once time is up, they log out in their respecive rooms with the doors locked (bedrock placed by monitors...you can...

...tell I'm security/ greifing focused). If they wish, they can stay in their rooms to smelt, experiment, whatever (the grinders will feed to them as well).

Once their turn is up, they go out, and get a set amount of time to build their cannon

on a platform. After that, the first event starts:

1st Event: Accuracy/Destruct

In this competition, they take shots at a pre-built structure for a set time (5 min?).
In that time, they earn points for the...

...number of blocks destroyed. Some blocks, strategicly placed, will be worth more points to encourage accuracy. Normal blocks = 1
Emerald blocks = 5
Gold blocks = 10
Diamond blocks = 20

...or something like that. At the end, the judges count up...

and competitors have 5 minutes to prepare for the next event.

2nd Event: Distance
Quite simple, the competitors are given 5 minutes to shoot 3 sand blocks as far as they can. Duds don't count, of course (thus, 3 tries).

3rd Event: Precision

Now, this one's a bit different. They're again given a short time to modify, then they have 5 minutes to heard/fire (armored?) sheep as far as they can WITHOUT killing them. The sheep will of course be provided by way of...

...nearby spawners, but that's it. They gotta do the rest.

At the end, all the tallies are added up, and we award the top spots, plain and simple.
...but that's not all...

In addition, to conteract downtime and provide varied entertainment, a second 'game' will be running on another server more similar to Rampart-style of play. 2-sides are given blocks and some time to build castles and cannons, and when time is up, they..

...set about blowing the opposite side team apart. These could be done with multiple games going on at once, seperated by glass with water sheeting down both sides or something. An infinite supply of TNT would be provided. I don't see this part as...

...a part that gets prizes, but that is more up to us. Anyways, they compete as teams, and the winners go to compete against other teams, bracket-style. This can even have people in the main competition in it, to keep them busy at down times.

As far as judges/
broadcasters, they can be whomever shows interest...it's very easy to simply make them No_Clip/
invisible to let them follow whomever. I don't know if the first part (the gathering) will be interesting or not, but it could be if...

...casted well. We can of course invite any big name LPer we want, either as broadcasters, judges or even competitors.
As for the competition itself, I see this as being both a single player competition running with a team match alongside.

Now...with all that said, I would need a TON of help to get this off the ground even. All I can do is plan. I'm an idea man, and a mechanism builder. I haven't the foggiest clue how to run a server, use mods, or...

...you know, um...run a tournament.
And thus, my problem. I need HALP. Now, like I said, I can't guaruntee that others from the main will join, but I can tell ya others WERE interested. Just not enough to help with the foundation.

I figure that I'd need at least 8 to 10 people to help out, and at least 2 or 3 would have to have a clue what their doing from the technical jargon stand point in things. Would also need at least 2 servers that can hold quite a few peeps...

...though that can be aquired. Videos to promote would of course help, and you know I'd be putting mine up as soon as we can confirm it will actually happen, in order to give people time to prepare (esp. for that 3rd event).

So, guys, whaddaya think?
This was the best way I could think of for contacting a ton of you at once, and I figured it was pretty interesting. Hope to hear from you guys soon!

The finalized idea with detailed rules, events, and rewards can be accessed through a document on Google Drive.

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