Zisteau's Temporary House

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Zisteau's Temporary House on 1 June 2012.

Zisteau's Temporary House was the first long-term house constructed by Zisteau. It was carved into the face of a lakeside mountain in an extreme hills biome. The house was later expanded to include a glass pane façade partially obscured by a waterfall. Zisteau began construction on the house in an episode published on 7 April 2012. During this episode, he expressed his desire to use the temporary house as a staging point for the construction of his permanent residence, a structure that would come to be known as the Lens.[1] The wall behind the glass panes "echoes" the natural shape of the mountain in a terraced design. Lighting is recessed into the wall.[2] Zisteau had planned to have an elaborate automated sheep farm but it proved to be too complex and produced too much lag.[3][4] Team Canada had pranked the house twice. In a prank revealed on 3 May 2012, random blocks and items were changed and placed throughout the house.[5] In a prank revealed on 25 July 2012, the house was covered in paintings.[6]


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