Chat log (July 2012)/17

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VintageBeef hey there
Guude hey
Etho joined the game.
VintageBeef hello
Etho hey
Etho how's it going?
Guude hey there
Guude long time no see
Etho yeah for sure
VintageBeef well i gotta go. later guys
Guude l;ater
Etho cya
VintageBeef left the game.
jsano19 joined the game.
Etho hey jsano
jsano19 well hello there
Guude howdy
jsano19 i'm so lost, ha
Etho in the game or in life?
jsano19 well, both, but i was speaking of in game
Etho I would help you but I have trouble with that myself
jsano19 in game or real life? ja?
jsano19 ha!
Etho lol
jsano19 brb
jsano19 left the game.
jsano19 joined the game.
Guude hit the ground too hard
Etho :D
jsano19 left the game.
  • "S3E323 - Setting Sail" (Guude, end)