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This is a list of mitchkeeler's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by mitchkeeler on the MindCrack Fan Server.

Season 1[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
4 Jun 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Day 1 on Guude's Fan Hideout - Ep1"
  • Establishes a home on a plot in town
  • Builds a perimeter fence around his plot
9 Jun 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - On Guude's Fan Server! (OMG!) - Ep2"
  • Builds a staircase down to underneath the plot
14 Jun 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - How to Build Fancy Stairs - Ep3"
  • Builds a central staircase for his house, works on the ground floor
20 Jun 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - The Crow's Nest - Episode 4"
  • Completed exterior of his house
  • Works on the interior
  • Visits the community Sheep farm for wool, views changes around town along the way
29 Jun 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - My New Snow Golem Friend - Ep5"
  • Continues working on his house, upper floor
  • Builds a snow farm underneath the staircase
6 Jul 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - How to Layout a House in Minecraft - Ep6"
  • Continues working on his house, central floor
8 Jul 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Romance and Reeds - Ep7"
  • Shows progress on house
  • Talk on his girlfriend and his history
  • Continues working on his house, sugar cane farm, water features
17 Jul 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - TREEscaping - Ep8"
  • Builds some spruce trees around his house
  • Talk on problem using a check because of his looks
23 Jul 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Build a Triforce Window - Ep9"
  • Looks for vines near town
  • Continues working on his house, upper floor window, front yard
30 Jul 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Porches and Purple - Ep10"
  • Wool gift from Purple
  • Shows changes around his basement
  • Builds a back porch, brewing station
6 Aug 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Stuck on a LOST Island - Ep11"
  • Dug a tunnel in the Nether in search of new lands
  • Ends up on islands in the ocean, explores the area
14 Aug 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Building a COWmunity - Ep12"
  • Returns to town, shows the rebuilt sheep farm, changes to his basement
  • Lures cows across the ocean onto his island
24 Aug 2012 "Mycelium Island & Bridge Building - MindCrack Fan Server - Ep13"
  • Shows progress on island base, built a mine at the extreme hills island
  • Visits the mushroom biome for Mycelium
  • Builds artificial islands and a bridge to them
13 Sep 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Building a Nether Tube - Ep14"
  • Announces Skyzm's new YouTube channel
  • Works on his Nether tunnel
1 Oct 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Redstone Chicken Cooking Device Island - Ep15"
  • Progress on his cow and pig islands
  • Builds another bridge to his chicken island
  • Builds a chicken cooker
9 Oct 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Automatic Wheat Island - Ep16"
  • Progress on base, changes to his mines
  • Builds a wheat farm
17 Oct 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Stone Brick Delivery - Ep17"
  • Expands the wheat farm
  • Donates stone for the Nether tunnels project
  • Rebuilds the sugar cane farm at his plot
  • Talk on issue with Walmart shipping
29 Oct 2012 "MindCrack Fan Server - Halloween Deocrations in Minecraft - Ep18"
  • Dresses as Link for Halloween
  • Visits the Sheep farm for wool
  • Decorates his plot for Halloween

Season 2[edit]