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The Minecraft avatar of acparvis
Born (1990-04-15) 15 April 1990 (age 30)
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names Parv, ParvPlays, Alex Parvis

acparvis, better known simply as Parv, by his YouTube name ParvPlays, or his personal name Alexander C. "Alex" Parvis, is an English Let's Play commentator and musician. Parv became a regular member of Garry's Mod recording sessions in September 2014,[1] after meeting Millbee, Pyro_0 and W92Baj at Insomnia52. He fell into inactivity in November 2014 when his band went on tour,[2] but became active again in February 2015.[3]


Parv is a founding member of "gaijin rock" band Area 11. In 2012, the band was discovered by English gaming network and YouTube content creators The Yogscast.[4] Parv, along with Tom Clarke (Sparkles*), was employed by the Yogscast as a Production Assistant.[5] Parv uploaded his first Let's Play video in March 2013,[6] and has become an active content producer at the Yogscast.[7]


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