Chat log (May 2012)/11

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Arkas everywhere I go people ask me why I don't make videos
VintageBeef yeah man, they want to see those builds in progress
Arkas I'm planning to buy a new mic soon and get things done so I can record me something
VintageBeef cant wait
Arkas I think you did miss my storage room, where I have about 10 double chests for each individual item
VintageBeef glad i missed it then cuz i would be super jealous
Arkas lol
ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX Beef, what do you mean by "Shree doesn't record much"?
ShreeyamGFX I try to put up 2 videos a week bro :P
VintageBeef ok, recording now anyway so ttyl
ShreeyamGFX :(
ShreeyamGFX bye
VintageBeef later
ShreeyamGFX left the game.
Arkas hit the ground too hard
VintageBeef lol
Arkas this game is hard
  • "S2 EP69 - Still Nosey" (VintageBeef, end)