Chat log (May 2012)/6

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Pyro_0 joined the game.
Pyro_0 yo.
AnderZEL lol new acont? :)
Pyro_0 yep.
AnderZEL nice :D
Pyro_0 :p
AnderZEL was slain by Enderman
Pyro_0 *clap*
AnderZEL REVEGEGE letoy jenkins!
AnderZEL i got him :)
  • "S01 E10 Some Tims I Just Nead To Focus To Realy Get Things Done" (AnderZEL, end)

ShreeyamGFX joined the game.
Pyro_0 hey
ShreeyamGFX hey there
mcgamer Shree Come to -300, -600 or my house nether rail thing and dig
mcgamer Please
mcgamer Help
mcgamer Please
Pyro_0 why lol
mcgamer Bring dirt.
ShreeyamGFX One sec, recording
ShreeyamGFX I'll be glad to help you out later though
mcgamer Come record and bring dirt
thejims joined the game.
ShreeyamGFX hey there
thejims i heard mention of underwater too, should i bring a resp helm?
ShreeyamGFX oh, mcgamer building underwater?
ShreeyamGFX that's not original, man
Pyro_0 left the game.
ShreeyamGFX if you're doing that, then gravel is better
thejims shut it ShreeyamGFX
ShreeyamGFX lol
thejims someones been busy in the nether
ShreeyamGFX hey
ShreeyamGFX I'm here
ShreeyamGFX and still recording
ShreeyamGFX I brought a respiration helmet if anyone needs it
mcgamer Hey Shree, and Jims, what's your favorite fruit?
ShreeyamGFX oranges
ShreeyamGFX mcgamer, you got a respiration helmet?
mcgamer NO
ShreeyamGFX you want one?
mcgamer NO
thejims tacos
ShreeyamGFX lol
thejims anyone actually bring a bucket?
ShreeyamGFX rofl
ShreeyamGFX nope
ShreeyamGFX neat place you have
ShreeyamGFX with the upside down house and all
  • "Challenge Mindcrack - Nebris and the Water - E7" (mcgamer, end)

Guude blew up
Nebris ?
Nebris so kurt is the new kururururrurur
Nebris left the game.
Guude tried to swim in lava
just_defy joined the game.
just_defy boner
  • "S3E301 - Failed Caving Experiance" (Guude, end)