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This page lists major topics on fan content related to Mindcrack and HermitCraft.


The MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki[edit]

Content on this very wiki is almost entirely created by fans of both Mindcrack and HermitCraft. The primary goal of this wiki is to have a comprehensive database of all knowledge of both groups into an easily accessible place with the help of the community. The website is officially endorsed by the Mindcrack subreddit.


See also: /r/mindcrack

The Mindcrack subreddit has become the primary place for showing off Mindcrack-related fan content. The subreddit utilizes the flair feature that allows ease of searching fan contents through the use of the "Fan Art" flair. The subreddit itself is the official forum of Mindcrack. Other Mindcrack-related unofficial subreddits include /r/MindcrackDiscussion and /r/mindcrackcirclejerk


The MindcrackFanart DeviantArt page at attempts to collect all MindCrack-related content posted on the website. The page is officially endorsed by the Mindcrack subreddit.

Mindcrack Love[edit]

Mindcrack Love is "an alternative Mindcrack community." A summary of the community can be read here.


Genderbends is the depiction of characters as another gender (a male person being female for example). This is also know on the internet as Rule 63. Genderbent versions of MindCrack members are posted to the MindCrack subreddit in the form of fan art. The only exception to this is Pakratt0013, as he has stated he does not want anyone to draw a genderbent version of him/his character.[citation needed]

It is widely believed/agreed upon that one of the main reasons for the existence of so much/so many Mindcrack genderbends is the fact that there is one woman on the server, Aureylian.[citation needed]


This is a list of the most common names for the genderbent Mindcrackers.

(Undecided possible names denoted by (?). In cases where one person has two widely accepted genderbent names, all/both are listed.)

Mindcracker Name Genderbent name
adlingtont Adlingtina (?)
AnderZEL AudreyZEL (?), Anderzella (?)
Arkas Arkass
AvidyaZEN  ???
BdoubleO100 BdoubleD
BTC  ???
Docm77 DocEmma77 (formerly NurseM77, changed due to possible sexism)
Etho Shetho (?)
generikB JennyB
Guude Guude Bouldertits
jsano19 Jsana (?)
kurtmac Skirt J Mac
mcgamer Miss Gamer (?)
Mhykol Mhychelle (?)
Millbee Frillbee
Nebris  ???
paulsoaresjr  ???
PauseUnpause PauseUnbras
Pyro_0 Pyra (?)
SethBling  ???
Vechs_  ???
VintageBeef Voluptuous Beef
W92Baj  ???
Zisteau She-steau, Zistette


The main contributor/maker of genderbent Mindcracker art is Sixelona.

(Gallery of art to be added soon)