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HermitCraft is a group of 26 content creators that publish footage of their video gaming experiences online, often in a Let's Play format. Content is shared via both pre-recorded video uploaded to YouTube and live broadcasts to either Twitch or Mixer.

Hermitcraft began as a private, white-listed, invite-only Minecraft server started by generikb. The server is currently being paid by a promotional code from CubedHost. The vanilla server is being managed by Xisuma and Biffa2001. The primary purpose of the server is to be able to play with other YouTube Let's Players in a survival multiplayer world. However, this grew into various different series of modded as well as vanilla servers with The Vanilla server on Season 6, and then into a group of content creators as members like sl1pg8r and zueljin lost interest in Minecraft.[1]

Due to overwhelming requests the hermits finally invited YouTube user Grian to the server for season 6, and many hermits who had been inactive on the server for many months would return - unfortunately Hypnotizd and NHO members VintageBeef, and Etho have left HermitCraft for some time, although are presumably still whitelisted.

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The seed for the Hermitcraft I map was simply 4. It featured a large mushroom island close to spawn. The entire map can be downloaded at http://hypnotizd.com/maps/HermitCraft/HermitCraft-S1.zip.[2] The original link to redstonedev.net became unavailable when the domain was lost.[3][4] The seed for the Hermitcraft II map was chosen by Red3yz from a YouTube video by NiclasBlocko. Highlights include quad witch huts. The seed is -6804765309294671425.[5] The map to FTB's Season 1 can be downloaded at http://hypnotizd.com/maps/HermitCraftFTB/HermitCraftFTB-S1.zip[6] and Season 2 at http://hypnotizd.com/maps/HermitCraftFTB/HermitCraftFTB-S2.zip.[7] They now play the "Modsauce" modpack which can be found on the ATLauncher. The seed for the map is "hcftbm"


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