Generikb's haunted plantation

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Generikb's' Haunted Plantation is a work-in-progress "haunted" mansion that, when complete, will serve as Generikb's base as well as a tourist attraction. the plantation itself is a large plot of swamp surrounded by broken stone walls. It is based off the mansion from the princess and the frog. The exterior of the mansion is highly detailed, and has a large balcony accounting for most of the front of the house, to the left a Boat House and to the right a large round wing that serves as the ballroom. above the balcony area there is a large rooftop greenhouse. inside there is a hall with a chandelier and balcony, an upstairs library and art room; which serve as his enchanting and colored block storage room respectively. it also has a conservatory with a bar that will serve as Generikb's potion room. The mansion also includes a wall made of mushroom stalks to give a wallpaper texture which Generikb prides for the amount of effort it took to make.

Jaaski incident

In the childsplay charity marathon, Jaaski, who was watching the stream, donated $1,000 for Generikb to blow up the mansion. Generik, who was drunk at the time, accepted and with the help of several other mindcrackers blew up the mansion. Later, skrubzilla donated $2000 for the base to be restored from a server backup.