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Generikb from his Child's Play charity vlog
Alternative names GennyB, GB, Genny, Generik
Gender M
Age 39[1]
Country Bulgaria
Active LPs

Broken Age

Octdad: Dadliest Catch


generikb, also known as Judson as his personal name,[2] is an American Let's Play commentator living in Bulgaria. He's a self-proclaimed "gaming hermit" and an active member of the MindCrack server. He was invited to join by Guude in August 2012, after they met at PlayOnCon. Generikb is a founding member of the B-Team.


When Generikb was in college, studying Electronic and Computer Engineering, he was in a band and his stage name was "Generik Blues Man". He shortened it to "generikb" to use in IRC.[3] Since 1 February 2013, Generikb creates YouTube content full time.[4] In his recent Q&A video, he mentions that him and his wife wanted to have kids but due to medical issues they couldn't.

Generikb previously lived in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Bulgaria in November 2013.[5]


Generikb's PO Box is now closed as he has moved to Bulgaria. He used to accept fanmail through his old PO box, and shared what he received through episodes of "HAPPY HERMIT FANMAIL TIME!".[6]

PO BOX 959101
Hoffman Estates IL 60195-9101

Let's Play[edit]

Generikb is a self-described "Minecraft Hermit." He started a private Minecraft server called HermitCraft where he had done Let's Plays with other YouTube Let's Players but is currently no longer part of the server. Generik had a video series titled "Redstone Academy" in which he teaches the basics of Redstone and the logic behind it. Generikb was interviewed by the German Minecraft Pros[3] before he joined the MindCrack server.

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Limbo "Generikb Does Limbo" 27 Feb 2012
Stacking "Generikb Does Stacking!" 10 May 2012
FEZ "Generikb Does FEZ!" 13 May 2012
Tokyo Jungle "Generikb Does Tokyo Jungle" 10 Jun 2012
Lollipop Chainsaw "Generikb Does Lollipop Chainsaw" 13 Jun 2012
Quantum Conundrum "Generikb Does Quantum Conundrum" 22 Jun 2012
Orcs Must Die! 2 "Orcs Must Die 2 w/ Docm77!!!" 1 Aug 2012 Featuring Docm77
Don't Starve 12 Nov 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "B-TEAM: COD Black Ops 2" 16 Nov 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100 - the goal is to be the first to reach prestige level 55 "commander" and the loser will need to wear a dress in public.[7]
The Cave "Generikb Does THE CAVE" 24 Jan 2013
Prison Architect 2 Feb 2013
Viva Piñata "GB Does Viva Pinata!" 7 Feb 2013
Timber and Stone "Timber and Stone" 26 Feb 2013
The Sims 3 Plus University Life "Generikb Does The Sims 3 University Life" 21 Mar 2013
Leisure Suit Larry "GB Does Leisure Suit Larry #1 (Land of The Lounge Lizards)" 9 Apr 2013
Reus "GB Does REUS!" 16 May 2013
Payday 2 "Team Ca$h Money - PayDay 2" 14 Aug 2013 Featuring Avidya, PauseUnpause and Guude.
Sir, You Are Being Hunted "You Sir Are Being Hunted!" 23 Aug 2013
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons "Generikb Does Brothers" 5 Sep 2013
Outlast "Outlast with SISSYCAM™!!!" 5 Sep 2013
Broken Age "Broken Age" 29 Jan 2014
Octodad: Dadliest Catch "Octodad w/ MY WIFE!!!" 31 Jan 2014
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival singleplayer 19 Sep 2011
Creative multiplayer "REDSTONE WARS" 9 Nov 2011 Redstone themed competition. Guests include red3yz, SethBling, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, Xisuma, shaunstatic, Kiershar, BrenyBeast and CaptainSparklez
HermitCraft Survival multiplayer "HermitCraft" 13 Apr 2012
Creative singleplayer "Redstone Academy" 29 Jul 2012 Beginner tutorials on Redstone basics and logic.
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 2 Aug 2012
"Free Fraps Series" 27 Aug 2012 With wolv21 and LuclinMCWB
Herobrine's Mansion "B-TEAM ADVENTURES!!! Herobrine's Mansion" 5 Nov 2012 With BdoubleO100
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 15 Nov 2012
Wrath of the Fallen "B-Team Adventures - Wrath Of The Fallen" 14 Dec 2012 With BdoubleO100
Herobrine's Return "B-Team Adventures - Herobrine's RETURN" 18 Mar 2013 With BdoubleO100
TerraFirmaCraft modded survival singleplayer 4 May 2013
The Legend of Notch "Generikb Does The Legend Of Notch" 24 May 2013
Various maps "UHC Bootcamp" 12 Jun 2013
Skyden "Hermit Vs. SkyDen!!!" 17 Aug 2013
Desperado "Minecraft: Desperado Adventure Map w/ ChimneySwift11!!!" 25 Oct 2013 Featuring ChimneySwift11
A Letter from Silent Heaven "Minecraft Adventure Map: A Letter From Silent Heaven" 1 Nov 2013
L'Brour Mansion "Minecraft Adventure Map: L'Brour Mansion" 16 Nov 2013
Diversity "B-Team Adventures: Diversity CTM Map!" 15 Dec 2013 Featuring BdoubleO100
THE CODE III: END "Minecraft Puzzle Map - The Code III (Brain Meltingly Awesome!) " 3 Jan 2014
Infinity Dungeon "Infinity Dungeon (1.8 Adventure Map)" 30 Jan 2014
Attack of the B-Team modded multiplayer 3 Feb 2014


Generikb is the founding hermit of HermitCraft.


On the Season 4, Generikb built a large mansion in a swamp biome. During the MindCrack Marathon, it was blown up after jaaski donated $1,000 to Child's Play charity. However, Guude restored a backup of the map after Scrubzilla donated $2,000 to save the mansion.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Although Generikb attended MineCon 2012, he did not use his Cape. He gave it away in a contest instead.[8]

Generikb skin.png

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]


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