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This is a list of KingDaddyDMAC's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by KingDaddyDMAC on the HermitCraft server.

Season 2[edit]

This season occurred on the server's third map.

Video Notable events Featuring
12 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft 2.0 Minecraft LP Ep. 24 - A Fresh Start"
  • Map reset
  • Starts from scratch, caving
  • Discovers a skeleton spawner and diamonds
15 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep. 25 - Monkey Business"
  • Manages to stumble upon the edge of town
  • Sets up a skeleton farm with Monkeyfarm
22 Jun 2013 "Minecraft Hermit Vanilla LP Ep. 026 - Semi Auto Wheat Farm"
  • Skeleton farm completed
  • Builds a wheat farm there
30 Jun 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep. 27 - Steak n Eggs"
  • Brings cows and chickens into his skeleton farm
  • Daisy and Derpy the cows
  • Nether portal to his farm built by someone else
  • Visits town for Keralis' bungy jumping pig
  • Explores town
Keralis1, VenomKisser
10 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Hermit Vanilla LP Ep. 028 - Loose Ends!"
  • Builds the enchantment room at the farm
  • Fortunes some diamonds
  • Experiments with sand/dirt sugar cane growth
  • Improves his chicken farm
  • Fixes spawning issue with skeleton farm
  • Decorated the place
15 Jul 2013 "Minecraft Hermit Vanilla LP Ep. 29 - Ender Dragon Fight!"
  • Slaying of the Ender Dragon
  • Caged Topmass
  • Baby zombie named Dinnerbone
CilantroGamer, IAmSp00n, Jessassin, Keralis1, King_Happy, MrMumbo, topmass, VenomKisser, Xisuma, ZombieCleo
10 Aug 2013 "Minecraft Hermit Vanilla LP Ep. 30 - Moving Out"
  • Changes and improvements to the Skeleton farm
  • Visits the double Blaze farm for Blaze Rods to make an Ender Chest
  • Enchants at the End
  • Built a secret entrance behind the enchantment room
  • Explores town for a spot to claim
  • Discovered two Skeleton spawners close to town
28 Aug 2013 "Let's Play Minecraft: Hermitcraft Vanilla Ep #31 - Spawn Village"
  • Settles on a hill at town
  • Builds the Lich tower from the FTB Twilight Forest mod
  • Announces going to MineCon
  • Visits the stronghold to harvest some blocks
  • Visits the End to harvest End Stone, enchants
  • Blocks the silverfish spawner at the stronghold using End Stone
  • Talk on PAX East, 1.7
  • A tour of Joe Hills' Pixel Art Museum
6 Sep 2013 "HermitCraft Minecraft LP Ep. 32 - To The Top!!!"
  • Caving, finds diamonds
  • Continues working on the tower
  • Talk on 1.7 snapshots, his brother married
31 Oct 2013 "Minecraft Hermitcraft Ep. 33 - Happy Halloween!!!"
  • Halloween event
11 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep. 45 - Blame Dmac - Pranking Mumbo w/ Hypno Monkeyfarm"
  • Shows Xisuma's changes to the End
  • Works on his base
  • Views Cleo's horse prank on Keralis
  • Hangs out with the guys at town
  • Hires Pungence and skyzm to clear water out from his base, offer rejected
  • Shenanigans with Hypno and Monkey
  • Attempts to prank AFK Mumbo, got him killed
  • Got Red3yz killed
hypnotizd, monkeyfarm, MrMumbo, Pungence, red3yz, skyzm
16 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 46 - The Lawyers!!! W/ Skyzm Pungence Hypno Sl1pg8r"
  • Intro at the new town
  • Hires The Pranksters to build his base, was refused
  • Hires them to finish his Lich Tower, shady business deals
hypnotizd, Pungence, skyzm, sl1pg8r
17 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 47 - Prank MonkeyFarm - I Mustache You a Question!"
  • Intro at red3y's base
  • Pranks Monkeyfarm by building a mustache on the skull
  • Fun with the player elevator
hypnotizd, Pungence, red3yz, skyzm, sl1pg8r
18 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep. 48 - Adopt a Cow?"
  • Visits Mumbo, accidentally blew up his portal building
  • Talk on 1.8 Iron Golem update
  • Attempts to catch Xisuma and his clone
  • Travels to the Wither Skeleton farm
  • Shenanigans with the guys after failed prank on Mumbo
  • Builds a "dirt farm" with Pungence
  • Chat with Pungence on ABBA caving
hypnotizd, monkeyfarm, Pungence, red3yz, Xisuma
19 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 49 - Back to the base - Auto Pumpkin Farm!"
  • Explores the commercial district
  • Redeems voucher for Biffa's Bakery
  • Checks out the ABBA tournament
  • Shows around his plot in the new town
  • Shows the Nether hub
  • Progress on his ocean base
  • Builds a pumpkin farm for temporary jack o lantern lighting
22 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 50 - Epic Villager Party !!!"
  • Reads offers made for Pungence's horse
  • Explores Sl1p's packed ice shoppe, Cleo's company
  • Signs Biffa's Bakery's guestbook
  • ABBA match against Pungence delayed
  • Buys packed ice from Sl1p, places raincheck on a stack
  • Offers his services as a bodyguard for Pungence's horse
  • Shows area under his base cleared out, plans for a quick drop to there
  • Plans to build a perimeter, harvests the desert while doing it
  • Talk on changes to YouTube subscription page, redirects people to official HermitCraft website
  • Villager breeding issue at Red3yz's base
  • Mass slaughter, Night of the Living Dead
iJevinYT, KingDaddyDMAC, sl1pg8r, Xisuma
25 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft ep 51 - Abba R2 - Dmac vs Pungence"
  • ABBA caving with Pungence
  • Stumbles upon a stronghold
  • Talk on Blair Witch Project
1 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 52 - Under The Sea !!!"
  • Progress on the perimeter
  • Works on the central column of his base
  • Talk on Pungence and Skyzm, upcoming ABBA caving
  • Others help clear out the central column
hypnotizd, IAmSp00n, joehilllssays, red3yz
5 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft ep 53 - A Wild Marriland Appeared !!!"
  • Marriland on the server
  • Tours around the old and new towns
Xisuma, Marriland_
8 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep. 54 - Abba R3 Dmac vs Hypno"
  • ABBA caving with Hypno
14 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep. 55 - Happy Valentine's Day!"
  • Wants the Hermits' and random mobs' Valentines, gets killed each time
  • Be the viewers' Valentines by building a heart at his base
  • Progress on his base
  • Shows spawners found around his base
hypnotizd, red3yz, Spumwackles, Tinfoilchef
20 Apr 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 66 - Rent-a-derp !!! (Part 1)"
  • Rents a derp
  • Clears out more water from his base
Keralis1, ZombieCleo
21 Apr 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep. 67 - Rent-a-derp (Part 2) w/ Keralis"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Random chat
  • Spleefing
22 Apr 2014 "Hermitcraft Ep 68 - Rent-a-derp (Part 3) w/ Keralis"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Hangs out at Keralis' house
  • Random chat
  • Collects Mumbo's easter eggs
  • Keralis accidentally blew up one of the egg