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This is a list of skyzm's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by skyzm on the MindCrack Fan Server.

"Mindcrack Fan Server" playlist
Notable events Featuring
First world (Season 1)
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E001 - Giant Lobster Claw in the Sky" 20 Nov 2011
  • Taking resources from the spawn village
  • Discussing his plans on the server
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E002 - Where da ladies at? / Sheep Apology" 23 Nov 2011
  • Talking about his new subscribers
  • Showing his plot of land in the swamp
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E003 - The server responded with an invalid server key" 25 Nov 2011
  • Showing the start of his brick house
  • Visiting X_Wing_Ian's Inn
  • Finding a snowman friend and other gifts at his swamp base
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E004 - Trippin' Balls / I want house suggestions!" 29 Nov 2011
  • Touring his brick house
  • Experimenting with 3-D anaglyph
"Mindcrack Fan Server Special Part 1 - Hangin with BdoubleO and Guude" 1 Dec 2011
  • Caving and exploring the Fan Server with Guude and BdoubleO100
  • Discussing drinks, how Skyzm got on the fan server, beliefs
BdoubleO100, Guude
"Mindcrack Fan Server Special Part 2 - Hangin with BdoubleO and Guude" 2 Dec 2011
  • Exploring the Fan Server with Guude and BdoubleO100
  • Aggravating Zombie Pigmen
Alphonia, BdoubleO100, Grimm3r, Guude, Sicatriz, X_Wing_Ian
"Mindcrack Fan Server Special Part 3 - Hangin with BdoubleO and Guude" 5 Dec 2011
  • Exploring the Fan Server with Guude and BdoubleO100
BdoubleO100, Guude
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E005 - Surprise Gifts / Death Threats" 6 Dec 2011
  • Finding and fighting mobs in his basement
  • Finding the watermelons and other gifts in his bedroom from X_Wing_Ian
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E006 - New stuff!" 12 Dec 2011
  • Talking about playing Race for Wool with kurtmac, brianmcn and Gleeson9
  • Tours of progress on his build on the Fan Server
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E007 - Too Much Wood / Soggy Beds" 29 Dec 2011
  • Talking about being sick
  • Discussing plans for his house and asking for suggestions
  • Exploring the Nether and killing Zombie Pigman
Jason27, X_Wing_Ian
Pre 1.5 world (Season 2)
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E032 - Send your poop away" 12 Mar 2012
  • Map reset
  • Explores town
  • Updates on channel
  • Talk on pranking
Alphonia, darkphan, HiBoy, Jfrancisanimator, Lawbringer99, MonkeyDK, RainbowCrisp
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E033 - Puppycats" 16 Mar 2012
  • Confusion about Panda in real life
  • Progress on his plot
  • Built a house for Pungence
  • Explores town, gathers wool
  • Talk on his cats and dogs
Alphonia, darkphan, PimpingPanda, ZaneyGamer
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E034 - Automatic Punching Machine" 19 Mar 2012
  • Explores town
  • Talk on exercising, KGBS in Reddit RFW tournament
  • Hangs out with Panda
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E035 - Tigger, the Doom Bringer" 23 Mar 2012
  • Demolished his entire house, progress on new tower
  • Progress on Pungence's house
  • Explores town
  • Talk on poisonous cat bite, animal responding to music
  • BdoubleO comments asking for tutorial of Sand generator
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E036 - Twilight sucks and is stupid" 30 Mar 2012
  • Views Alphy's prank on Panda
  • Progress on plot and Pungence's plot
  • Works on plot
  • Talk on breakfast sandwich making him "purely happy", Hunger Games and shitty Twilight, locating Assyria, Race for Wool, Ultra Hardcore and its originality
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E037 - I was in a movie once" 4 Apr 2012
  • RfW recap
  • Explores town
  • Lava burning parts of his building
  • Talk on card games, drum corps in Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey
"Mindcrack Fan Server - E038 - A very special episode" 10 Apr 2012
  • Explores town, arena, NPC village
  • Talk on eating breakfast, first donation from novibliss, speed challenge, dislikes life job, video monetization
  • Continues working on his plot