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The Minecraft avatar of kurtmac
Artistic representation of kurtmac's Minecraft avatar

Kurt in December 2014
Personal name Kurt
Born (1982-06-12) 12 June 1982 (age 36)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Kurt
  • kurtjmac

kurtmac, better known as kurtjmac, or simply his personal name Kurt, is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of Mindcrack since January 2012. He was invited to join the Mindcrack Server by Guude after befriending him through the first Far Lands or Bust livestream on 12 November 2011.[2]


Kurt was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois,[3] and has described himself as being "from the South Side of Chicago."[4] He is of German descent.[5] Having previously worked as a front-end web designer, Kurt quit his job in July 2011 hoping to find more enjoyable work elsewhere, while also considering going back to school.[6] With the continued growth of his channel in the following year, Kurt made YouTube his full time job.

In late-2014, Kurt moved to the Southwestern United States.[7][8] In September 2015, the Guinness World Records revealed Kurt to be living in Phoenix, Arizona.[9] Kurt says a video of him driving around South Mountain Park was intended to serve as the reveal.[3] In March 2017, Kurt moved to Seattle, Washington.[10] He revealed that he was in a long-term relationship while living in Phoenix, and the break-up was a motivating factor for moving to Seattle.[11]

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of kurtjmac
The YouTube avatar of KurtIndeed

Kurt has published a wide range of videos to his YouTube channel, including a variety of Let's Plays for games such as Minecraft, Driver: San Francisco and Kerbal Space Program, as well as content related to astronomy.

In October 2014, Kurt launched his vlog channel "KurtIndeed" after reaching a milestone goal on his Patreon page.[12]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Tomb Raider: Anniversary "Let's Play Tomb Raider: Anniversary" 12 Jul 2011
SpaceEngine "Space Engine - Astronomy News" 12 Sep 2011 Kurt explores a realistic, procedurally generated Universe whilst discussing astronomy and space exploration news and events.
Race Driver: Grid "Let's Play GRID" 1 Nov 2011
Kerbal Space Program
  • 10 Jan 2012
  • 26 Jul 2014
Kurt operates a space program and learns the basics of rocket science with the help of the Kerbals and attempts to conquer the cosmos and avoid catastrophe.
Driver: San Francisco "Kurt Plays Driver: San Francisco" 6 Feb 2012
Stellarium "Stellarium Planetarium Software Sky Tours" 26 Feb 2012
Microsoft Flight "Microsoft Flight" 10 Apr 2012
Limbo "LIMBO 'Speed Run'" 16 Jun 2012
'Dirt: Showdown "DiRT: Showdown'" 18 Aug 2012
Borderlands 2 "Borderlands 2 with BdoubleO, GenerikB & Juicetra" 24 Sep 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100, generikb and Juicetra
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season "Papyrus NASCAR Racing 2003 Season" 29 Sep 2012 Kurt takes on NASCAR in the highly acclaimed ‘NR2003’ racing simulator and discusses various auto racing topics.
Hawken "HAWKEN Closed Beta" 27 Oct 2012 Featuring Juicetra, BlameTC, Avidya and Coestar
Pid "Kurt Plays Pid" 2 Nov 2012
Dirt 3 "Kurt Plays DiRT 3" 11 Nov 2012
Tomb Raider: Underworld "Tomb Raider: Underworld" 5 Jan 2013
Teleglitch "Let's Play TELEGLITCH" 12 Dec 2013
F1 2012 "Let's Play F1 2012" 8 Feb 2013 Featuring VintageBeef
Tomb Raider "Let's Play Tomb Raider (2013)" 5 Mar 2013
Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Euro Truck Simulator 2" 11 Apr 2013
Kairo "Kurt Plays Kairo" 23 Apr 2013
SpinTires "SpinTires" 30 May 2013 Featuring Biffa2001
Grid 2 "Kurt Plays GRID 2" 2 Jul 2013
BeamNG Drive "BeamNG Soft Body Physics" 4 Aug 2013
Surgeon Simulator 2013 "Surgeon Simulator 2013" 29 Aug 2013
F1 2013 "F1 2013 Co-op Championship w/ VintageBeef" 23 Nov 2013 Featuring VintageBeef
Next Car Game "Next Car Game" 8 Dec 2013
Assetto Corsa "Assetto Corsa" 27 Dec 2013
Tiny Brains "Let's Play Tiny Brains" 9 Jan 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause, Chiib and LDShadowLady
NASCAR The Game: Inside Line "NASCAR The Game: 2013" 23 Feb 2014
  • 19 Apr 2014
  • 8 Aug 2014
See SpeedRunners
Call of Duty
  • 3 May 2014
  • 18 Aug 2014
Lifeless Planet "Lifeless Planet" 9 Jun 2014
Grid Autosport "GRID Autosport - Career Mode with Kurtjmac" 24 Jun 2014
Lovely Planet "Lovely Planet - Very Kawaii FPS Speedrun Game" 6 Aug 2014
Eidolon Eidolon - Minimalist Exploration Survival 12 Sep 2014 Kurt explores a minimalistic landscape set in post-post-apocalyptic Northwest Washington and attempts to solve the mystery of what happened in the sci-fy future timeline using notes left by those who experienced the events of the 22nd to 25th centuries, all while braving the reclaimed wilderness and trying to survive.
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 6 Mar 2011 "An expedition to the fabled Minecraft Far Lands, without any mods or cheats, raising money for Child's Play Charity along the way!"
Minecraft Beta "Minecraft Combat Canyon" 17 Mar 2011
Minecraft Beta 1.8 "STRANDED! in Minecraft 1.8" 15 Sep 2011
Minecraft 1.0.0 "Minecraft Cast Away" 1 Dec 2011
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer 15 Jan 2012
"Super Hostile #10: Spellbound Caves" "KGB'S in Spellbound Caves" 12 Oct 2012 Featuring the KGB's: Gleeson9, brianmcn and skyzm
Survival multiplayer with the GhostCraft mod "GhostCraft Minecraft Mod" 26 Oct 2012 Featuring BdoubleO100, Chiib, generikb, Pungence, AdamMontoya (SeaNanners), and skyzm
Herobrine's Mansion "Herobrine's Mansion with 2girls1minecraft" 19 Nov 2012 Featuring Niea and Misconduct of 2girls1minecraft
Mini-games on the PlayMindcrack Server "PlayMindCrack - Public Minecraft Mini-Game Server" 14 Dec 2013

Far Lands or Bust[edit]

Kurt is well-known for his Minecraft video series "Far Lands or Bust", described on his YouTube channel as an "expedition to the fabled Minecraft Far Lands, without any mods or cheats."

The video series began as a normal Let's Play, mainly focusing on the area immediately around his spawn, as well as spelunking and building. Kurt first mentioned the concept of the Far Lands in the third episode of his Let's Play, which had been brought to his attention via a blog post by Notch, the creator of Minecraft.[13] He remarked that a journey to the Far Land "would be interesting", though he "[didn't] know how interesting it would be for a YouTube video." For the 11th episode of his series, he made the decision to walk solely in one direction in an effort to reach the "weird features" generated at the edges of a Minecraft world.[14]

He chose to go strictly westward, the direction in which the Sun sets. However, though this fact is true in reality, it should be noted that this was technically southward in the version of Minecraft being used, as the in-game representation of the Sun was programmed to set in the south.[15] The version of the game being used at the beginning of his journey was Beta 1.3_01; the path of the Sun and Moon were changed as of version Beta 1.9 pre-release 4.[16]

Kurt currently continues his expedition in Beta 1.7.3, the most recent version of Minecraft to include the unusual terrain generation of the Far Lands. Since Beta 1.8, the terrain generation was changed rendering the Far Lands uneventful.[17] Kurt had an initial goal of raising $820 for the Child's Play charity, representing the apparent time it takes to reach the Far Lands by walking in a direct line from the center of the map, 820 hours.[18] The goal was quickly surpassed within a week.[19] His next goal was $8,200.[20] To commemorate surpassing his goal of $8,200, he organized a livestream event of him continuing his journey, which helped reach a further goal of $11,724. At the end of his live edition, Kurt revealed his coordinates at x:15181, z:292202.[21]

From that point on, the new goal for donations to the Child's Play charity was $29,220.20, representing the z-coordinate of his first reveal. Money from the previous goal was carried over to the new goal. This is considered the third season of the series. In this season, he has made milestone videos for every 10% raised for the charity. His recent rise in fame through Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore and recognition from Notch allowed Kurt to surpass that goal to be reached by 17 July 2012.[22] Kurt held a three-day charity event called FLoB-athon and has surpassed the goal of 200%. He revealed his coordinates at x:27900, z:699492.[23]

Very often he will add brief instances of a yellow text overlay to his videos, named by him as "Snarky Yellow Text". This normally provides sarcastic, humorous or rhetorical remarks against his standard vocal commentary, or is used to echo sound effects found in the game. The typeface of this text is Helvetica. He is known for frequently appending the word "indeed" to the end of sentences as a form of emphasis or affirmation, and some members of the Mindcrack community now quote this catchphrase when imitating or referring to him.

Kurt travels with his companion Wolf named Wolfie McWolfington Esq. Jr. III. He has had Wolfie since episode 32 of FLoB.[24] He had been kept alive up until the 12 August 2012 FLoB-athon. Kurt logged out of the game after surpassing the goal of 200% to backup his world save, but when he logged back into the game Wolfie did not appear. Kurt loaded the backup world save but Wolfie still did not appear. Kurt chose not to load the more previous world save because it was made before he reached 200%, instead he chose to induce a very complex procedure called a "Hidey Hole Paradox" thus allowing him to get wolfie back from a previous world save.[23]

He has recently used artworks created by fans of the show as a title card at the beginning of episodes. One reoccurring image, that is also used on some of his merchandise, was drawn by the official Mindcrack artist Sixelona.[25]


Personal life[edit]

Speedy in her vivarium

Kurt is a self-described introvert. According to Kurt, "an actual bear could've walked into my office and started to maul me and I probably wouldn't have mentioned it to the guys over Skype."[26]


Although he is not a medically confirmed celiac, Kurt lives on a gluten-free diet.[27][28]


From the age of 9, Kurt owned a pet Eastern box turtle named Speedy. For his Season 3 of Far Lands or Bust series, a 20% fundraiser milestone video of him feeding her waxworms and superworms was released.[29] Speedy appeared throughout FLoB-athon, the 200% charity event that lasted three days.[23] Speedy had been known to grow sick, but as of July 2013, was getting better and had a returning appetite.[30] Speedy passed away on 21 January 2014.[31]

In March 2015, Kurt announced that he had adopted a red Australian Cattle Dog, Eva.[32][33] Kurt had shared his interest in adopting an Australian Cattle Dog in August 2014.[34] In December 2016, Kurt revealed that he had essentially lost custody of Eva after a relationship of his had ended. He hadn't seen Eva since August.[35]

On 9 November 2017, Kurt adopted Juno, a blue Australian Cattle Dog.[36]


Although he is not a particularly large fan of sports, Kurt is a fan of the Chicago White Sox in the MLB.[37][4] Kurt's favourite episode of The Simpsons is "You Only Move Twice", the 1996 episode guest starring A. Brooks as one-time character Hank Scorpio.[38][39]

Social and political views[edit]

Kurt labels himself a feminist, saying that he supports the "equality of all genders and sexes."[40]

Prominence in media[edit]

In September 2015, Kurt's FLoB journey was featured by the Guinness World Records in their 2016 book edition.[9]

Interviewer Media Topics
23 Jan 2014 Simon Parkin
  • His journey to the Far Lands
5 May 2014, 4:30pm (BST) BBC Radio 4
  • His journey to the Far Lands and the "breakdown" of Minecraft physics

Minecraft skin[edit]

Kurt's skin is based on the Tenth Doctor from the British science-fiction TV series, Doctor Who. His skin has anaglyph 3D glasses. Kurt's skin was made by PlanetMinecraft user OmniZodd.[41][42] Kurt received a cape for attending MineCon 2012.[43] It is unknown if he redeemed his MineCon 2013 cape.

kurtmac's Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternative skins[edit]

Kurt's original skin[44] was the Eleventh Doctor, also from Doctor Who.[45]


External links[edit]


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