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The Minecraft avatar of wyld
Born (1968-12-13) 13 December 1968 (age 55)[1][2][3]
Country Australia
Gender M
Other names Wyldstein

wyld, also known by his personal name Mark Limburg, is an Australian Twitch broadcaster and a guest of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 22. He attended PAX South 2015 and PAX Prime 2015 with the Mindcrackers.


A father of five girls, Wyld currently lives in Adelaide, Australia and was a system administrator for 20 years before becoming a fulltime livestreamer.[4] He is of Scottish and Dutch ancestry.[5] He has hinted at moving to Seattle, Washington.[6][7][8]

Personal life[edit]

Social and political views[edit]

A 2008 Stateline news report featured Wyld pushing for an R18+ rating to allow for more appropriate classification of video games in Australia.[9] He uploaded video of the segment to YouTube on 19 February 2010.[10][11] As of 1 January 2013, the R18+ rating has been implemented.[12]

Wyld is a supporter of Australia's NBN.[13][14] In mid-2015, he moved to an NBN-connected house.[15] He was featured in an NBN advertisement showcasing how users can develop online friendships.[16][17]

He is an atheist,[18][19] and self-described free thinker. He has praised same-sex marriage in New Zealand.[20]



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