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This is a list of atomic2354's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by atomic2354 on the MindCrack Fan Server. His playlist for the server is "Mindcrack (FS)".

Season 1 (pre-1.5 world)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack (FS) 1 'Introduction'"
  • Explores Blockhaven
  • Suspicious of chicken using mob disguise
  • Enchants at the Ender farm
4 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack (FS) ep 2 'Exploration'"
  • Built shack at NewGuy's base
  • Explores the map - Infcted's, Arma's, Elec's, Ents'
  • Returns to spawn, plans for his plot
8 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack (FS) ep 3 'storage'"
  • Builds a storage house
11 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack (FS) 4 'Aremok's Boots'"
  • Adds roof to storage house
  • Travels to the End farm to make feather falling boots for Aremok
  • Visits Aremok's base
  • Shows his Zombie Pigmen farm in progress in the Nether
14 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack FS prank 1 'Pentagram'"
  • Pranks Mr_NewGuy by building a flaming pentagram above his town plot
17 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 5 'House'"
  • Built a floating island above his plot
  • Cleared out room for basement
  • Finds an area for a new base
26 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 6 'Pigmen'"
  • Enchants new armor at the End
  • Slabbed the Nether to increase the efficiency of his pigman farm
  • Visits Haru's base to view his prank on her
4 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 7 'diamonds'"
  • Changes to his basement - sand generator
  • Iced the tunnel to his remote base
  • Caving
  • Talks about his CTM map
  • Gives Haru some diamonds at her base
10 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 8 'Slime farm'"
  • Builds a slime farm under his remote base
13 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 9 'Mobtrap'"
  • Shows his mob farm in his creative world and explains the math behind creating them
  • Shows the start of the mob trap, the TNT factory, in his second remote base
20 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 10 'progress'"
  • Shows progress on his mob trap and its basement
  • Talks about his "Save the Plants" CTM map
27 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 11 '1.4'"
  • Loots a desert temple
  • Searches for carrots and potatoes and names his pickaxe
28 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Halloween party"
  • Chasing the potato and fighting Withers while celebrating Halloween
See Halloween
31 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 12 "Storage""
  • Progress on second remote base - farms, storage room, mob trap
  • Visits first remote base for materials
10 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 13 'Wither'"
  • Fights a Wither
  • Progress on storage room
  • Sets up a beacon for haste
  • Plans for iron golem farm
17 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 14 'Forgetfulness'"
  • Harvested Glowstone in the Nether
  • Changes to storage room
  • Fights a Wither, sets up another beacon
  • Fails at building iron golem farm
  • Shows his Nether base for when the server glitched
23 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 15 'maintenance'"
  • Fixing the End farm
  • Progress on floating island
  • Closest Ender Pearl ever made
  • Payment from Cobra for building Sand duplicators for her
  • Progress on Iron Golem farm
  • Plans to show Guude his Glowstone supply
30 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 16 'Background'"
  • Flipped view glitch
  • Shows his new mob farm
  • Shows tree at town center
22 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 17 'Aesthetics'"
  • Harvested a lot of Glowstone
  • Changes to storage room
  • 1.4.6 update, enchants some books at the End
  • Renovates the End farm
  • Allows Oreo and Zaney to use his Wither island to fight the Wither
OreoWeirdo, TheJordanBrooks, ZaneyGamer
26 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack FS ep 18 'New Stuff'"
  • New video recording, editing software, and microphone
  • Plans for Glowstone hunting collaboration
  • Changes Blockhaven roads to corner stairs
  • Explores NewGuy's place
  • Talk on NewGuy's inactivity, UHC
  • Checks out Christmas tree minecart
19 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack FS ep 19 'Cavin with Cobra'"
  • Caving with Cobra

Season 2 (post-1.5 world)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
18 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Fan Server ep 20 "New World""
  • Map reset
  • Includes map of spawn area
  • Explores the towns with Cobra, chooses steampunk-themed town
  • Cleared out his plot
arrowhoodcobra, OddyC, thegardnerd
25 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack FanServer ep 21 "Nether""
  • Explores the Nether with Cobra, harvests resources
  • Shows progress on his tower on his plot and Cobra's airship and spider farm on her plot
  • Searches for a remote location to settle in, plans to build their favorite spaceships
23 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Fan Server ep. 22 "More Caving""
  • Caving
  • Progress on the Covenant cruiser
  • Cobra explains the giant wooden 2 on wheel
10 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack FS ep 23 "chicken""
  • Pranks Tyler (uisdead99) by building a chicken rain machine over his plot
30 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack FS ep 24 "Last Episode""
  • Tours his gold farm on the roof of the Nether
  • Shows Minecraft characters on Edd's and Oddy's plots
  • Announces Cobra has left the server
  • Shows his remote base, Cobra's Hivemind and marker from Dead Space
  • Plans to build the Enderman farm