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The Blockhaven sign

Blockhaven was the name of the spawn town of the second map on the MindCrack Fan Server.


Initially the town did not have a name when it was created on 4 March 2012. It was generically named "spawn town." The community suggested the town to be named and "Blockhaven" was suggested by zueljin.[1]

The town was divided into six neighborhoods: Boulder Springs, Shirtsville, Cracker Town, Boney Bayou, Alpine Valley, and Greenwood. The creation of the plots were headed and enforced by RainbowCrisp. Each plot was 45 by 45 blocks,[2] although a few plots are smaller than that. The center of town, named Downtown Mindhatten, currently has the town storage, a Sheep farm, a Mooshroom farm, a Melon shop, and the town hall. A giant Blockhaven sign can be seen on top of the hill to the west. The central portal to the Nether is through the tunnel under the sign.

Community builds[edit]

Town Storage

Materials were donated to the storage for use in community builds. If one were to take items from the storage outside of community builds, he or she must leave something of equal or greater value. There is an Enchantment Table allowing maximum enchanting inside the building.

Mooshroom Barn and Wool Plaza

The Mooshroom Barn was built entirely by pantone2738U and the Wool Plaza was a Sheep farm also built by her and PurpleNepenthe.[3] The previous Sheep farm was built by devonsama.[4]

Ice and Tree Farms

The Ice and Tree Farms were built by Devon.[5] The Ice farm was built so that members can harvest Ice blocks without destroying the landscape. The farm is separated into four sections of 14-by-14 blocks of Ice, totaling 784. The center of the farm has a switch to refill the farm with water after ice is farmed. The center also has donated Silk Touch Pickaxes. The tree farm was relocated from the old farm at town.

  • Community Mine



Both these overhead town map and isometric town map are dated 12 March 2013. The town map can be downloaded here, dated one day before these generated maps.

Blockhaven overhead.png


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